Leadership Styles and Patterns

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Briefly describe a human service organization to complete the Leadership Matrix.

The organization that was selected is the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA). It is focused on supporting mental health professionals, who have completed at least a Masters degree. At the same time, they help these individuals to update their accreditation standards. The different areas they are emphasizing include: diagnosis / psychopathology, psychotherapy, psychological testing / assessment, professional orientation, research / program evaluation, group counseling, human growth / development, counseling theory, social / cultural foundations, lifestyle / career development and supervised practicum / internship. (“Facts about Clinical Mental Health Counselors,” 2013) (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013)

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The AMHCA is a people organization. This is occurring internally and externally through managers working with stakeholders to achieve the larger objectives of the group. During this process each person will play an important part in reaching these goals and enhancing its efficiency / image. Under the leadership matrix, these ideas are following the people centered philosophy in the way it is managed and operates. (“Facts about Clinical Mental Health Counselors,” 2013) (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013)

Compare and contrast task-oriented internal leadership with task-orientated external leadership. Then explain when each style is most appropriate for the organization you selected.
A task orientated internal leadership style is focused on maintaining control of the operating environment. This is achieved through utilizing a number of tactics to include: strong central planning / control, goal orientated, disciplined, tight controls and little tolerance for deviations. While task oriented external leadership, is concentrating using the authoritarian approach to help the organization reach its goals. This is accomplished by: taking an assertive leadership style, streamlining decision making and ignoring the human factor. In this case, there is an emphasis on the reaching the benchmarks of the organization above everything else. (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013)

As a result, both are taking a more authoritarian approach and will focus the success of the group at all costs. Where they are different, is these attributes are increased from an external versus internal perspective. This is because, externally, managers need to ensure that the firm’s goals are met in order to protect the viability of the process and its reputation. Neither of these styles is appropriate for the AMHCA. When dealing with mental health professionals, they will not respond to these techniques. (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013)

Compare and contrast people-oriented internal leadership with people-orientated external leadership. Then explain when each style is most appropriate for the organization you selected.
The people orientated internal leadership approach is concentrating on finding and working with the right personnel. This is achieved through emphasizing roles / responsibilities, developing effective troubleshooting / problem solving techniques, enhancing cohesion and working with everyone to build unit cohesion. While the people orientated external approach, is focused on improving the organization’s ability to interact with stakeholders. This is accomplished by concentrating on a number of areas to include: HR training / development, forging alliances and emphasizing the importance of individual contributions. (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013) (Pirraglia, 2013)

Both of these approaches are similar, by working with various individuals to give each person a sense of empowerment. This is achieved through showing them their value to team and how they will help the organization over the long term. Where are different is there is a focus on creating an entire system. That is meeting these objectives and building strong relationships with other stakeholders (externally). This is not something that is utilized as much internally, with managers emphasizing strong personal relationships. (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013) (Pirraglia, 2013)

These ideas are useful to the AMHCA through establishing procedures to improve the management of the organization. This is when the staff members will work with each other internally to enhance its responsiveness. These ideas will be utilized when interacting with different personnel and issues internally. While externally, this will improve the group’s flexibility, productivity and reduce costs. This will take place, with various individuals from different segments, interests and backgrounds interacting with each other. (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013) (Pirraglia, 2013)

Explain insights and conclusions on the leadership styles and patterns of the organization as a result of completing the Leadership Matrix.
The Leadership Matrix is showing how leadership styles and patterns will have an impact on any organization. The key for being successful is to understand the kinds of individuals everybody is working with. Then applying, an approach that works effectively in achieving the larger objectives. This requires conducting a careful analysis of the group, its resources and flexibility. Those who understand and utilize these concepts can connect with various stakeholders and help the organization to continue to build over the long term. (“Leadership Styles and Leadership Change,” 2013)

  • Pirraglia, M. (2013). Advantages and Disadvantages of People Orientated Leadership Skills. Chron. Retrieved from: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-disadvantages-peopleoriented-leadership-styles-10299.html

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