Literary Analysis

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It is true that most of the texts in the “alternative genres” unit are questionable literary however based on their contents, the text has literary value. It is because these genres are characterized by literary technique, tone, and are organized in content with varying length.

Tone in these genres have been presented with literary compound of the composition that encompasses various attitudes toward the subject. According to Alison Bochdel (page 1), the title of the genre is formulated in question form in which the person is asking whether another third person is the mother. The genre is quantified to have literary value it present intimate attitude that the persona has toward the mother implied in a literary work.

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Tone being one of the attributes of a genre to have literary value has been presented in various text as formal, informal, somber, playful, intimate, solemn, serious, ironic and condescending. The tone presented by Patty Pinner (page 2) is the respectful attitude in which the person considered the women in the family being passionate cooks who cooked from their souls and heart. They showed their culinary skills by preparing delicious food as described by the persona. On the other hand, somber tone is depicted in Green when he was diagnosed with the obsessive compulsive disorder. The audience sympathizes with the mental suffering and torment of his conditions (Iran Williams, 1 -5)

Works of this literary genre are also conceptualized, and most of them have at least one theme and central question about the topic. For example, according to Mary Angelou (page 1-4), the genre has been introduced by hallelujah, the welcome table and a picture of delicious food. It clearly shows that the major theme of the genre is cooking food. Later in the text, preparation of various foods using recipes has been illustrated. The theme of food has been approached by the work and constitutes the work’s tone. On the other hand, thematic concern Presented by Deneen M. Haymaker (1, 8, 41), is on gender inequality in education, especially in Engineering. The issues of gender inequality have been one of the major concern of society. It is what has been presented in one of the text and thus quantifying to have literary value. The text therefore, has the role to enlighten the community that there is the need to make education and professions free for both male and female as long as one has the capability to pursue his/her carries.

There are various literary techniques and literary device that have been used by authors of these texts to convey what they want. For example, there is narrative fiction that is the inherent constituent of these texts. Patty Pinner (page 5) provides a fiction story in which the persona tells the audience that the parents wedded in 1953. It is the necessary feature of verbal storytelling forming the literary value of the text. There are also various non-universal features presented in these text in the form of pictures. The pictures presented by Alison Bochdel (from page 1 to page 19) are literary attributes that the construction of the work has used to convey the theme, and tone. The pictures of a man performing various task in this text have been used to teach the value of hard work.

It can, therefore, be concluded that of the texts in this “alternative genres” unit though are questionable literary they contain various literary value that make them literary as described.

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