Long Walk to Freedom

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African National Congress was a liberation movement formed in 1912.It was formed to unite Africans and organize for the struggle for social, economic, and political changes. The movements fought against oppression, racism, and mobilize the community to participate against apartheid (Ellis 657).The main aims of ANC were meant to unite South Africans people mainly Africans to liberate the country from discrimination and oppression. Apartheid was to be fought and transform South African and form a united non-tribal, non-chauvinist and build a democratic state (Mandela 4).The movement was formed to defend democratic rights of people and to proceed toward civilization, where people could freely choose the government according to a universal principle of suffrage on a global voters’ function.

ANC worked hard by fighting for social justice of people and eliminating the huge discrimination, which was formed by apartheid and oppression imposed on Africans. Patriotism was to ensure a common South African nation was created with linguistic, cultural, and religious recognition for all Africans (Mandela 13). The movement was to support and press for the national liberation, disarmament, development causes, and creation of a sustainable environment for development. Economic development was to be promoted so that all Africans could benefit as a result of development, such as, good education and proper health facilities for all people without racial discrimination (Mandela 45).

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African National Youth League was formed in 1944 as a movement for youth who were to deal with peace, freedom, and democracy of Africans. It was ruled using the programs and principles of the ANC and its constitution was derived from that of ANC (Mandela 55). The league was committed toward the creation of united African nation free from racism and sexism. It was created to ensure that all youths played a dynamic part in the fights for all young peoples in the community and built a democratic nation by striving to attain changes. It endeavored toward uniting all youths so that they could contribute toward the affairs of the country (Mandela 150).

The African National Youth League reinforced and supported the ANC so that it could attain the National Democratic Revolution goals. Pioneer movement was promoted and created, which ensured that the rights of children’s were adhered to as stated in the South Africa’s constitution. Spirit of international harmony, friendship, peace with other nations was to be installed among youths (Mandela 60). The general interests of working people and youths in South Africa were championed so as to uplift political and socio-economic standards of people in the country. The movement promoted equality in all genders, especially the youths and strived to work for cultural, educational and moral standards of youths in all states and promoting patriotism and unity among youths (Mandela 65).

ANC differed with ANC Youth League in that the latter was formed to give and consolidate new forces for the struggle against ethnic oppression as supported by ANC. Although the league was initially meant to mobilize young people to work for ANC, its formation was to spearhead political interests and plans to radicalize ANC from its main aim of uniting Africans and blacks who were the majority (Mandela 76). This was because ANC allowed pacifist ways of organizing and working with the colonial government, which were against black Africans (Ellis 665).Youths aged 18 were allowed to join and fully participate in the political life of ANC. The League worked within the structure of the movement by supporting its ideological and political objectives. All leadership positions were held by ANC members. ANC Youth League were illegible to any official position neither were they to attend executive meetings or conferences unless when called upon as a member of ANC. Both movements fought against racism, sexism, and apartheid against Africans by taking mass actions against pass laws.

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