Losing Weight

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One of the hardest challenges I have ever had to face was my mission to lose weight. While I was always aware I needed to tackle this problem, it was only recently that I faced up to the challenge, and developed a schedule, routine and targets to meet my goal.

One of the hardest parts of my goal to lose weight was the start. It seemed like I was stood at the bottom of a great mountain, not knowing which foot should take the first step and what would be the best route to reach the summit. There were so many different things to consider; balancing my diet, increasing the amount of exercise I did every week and, perhaps hardest of all, self control. I started off by looking on the internet to find out about the number of calories I should be aiming for every day as well as the amount of exercise I should take. While there were many times I thought about giving up, saying to myself that ‘it was never going to be possible’ and ‘I should just give up’, I made myself complete my own personal plan for losing weight. I decided the best thing to do was do at least an hour’s exercise a day while at the same time eat more fruit and vegetables and less fatty foods.

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The first week was the hardest to stick to my goals and targets. I felt like I was in a training program in the army, everything was regimented, monitored and meticulously planned. At first the transition from my old life to my new life was very hard, but every time I ticked a box after exercising, managed to stay below my recommended calorie intake, or eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables in a day it seemed to get a little easier. After a couple of weeks maintaining my self-created program I started to feel better in myself. Like a caterpillar that reorganizes its entire body to create a wholly different creature, I too felt a metamorphic change, a new beginning, a new person, a new start.

Sometimes (often in fact) I found myself trying to justify a reward, a treat of some kind for all the hard work I thought I had done. It was during this time that I came to realize that a large part of my weight problem was connected to using food as a reward and comforting system. More often than not I was not physically hungry, but wanted to eat (badly) to treat myself. As I continued down my journey, ticking box’s, having regular exercise and eating properly, I soon stopped wanting to eat as a reward and instead began to find a strong sense of achievement in maintaining my goal. After a few more weeks I began to notice a change in my body and weight, seeing the changes happen made me feel very proud about what I had achieved and motivated me to continue. One particularly important lesson I have learnt is that everything in moderation. As long as I am sticking to my routine I do allow myself to indulge sometime; just not too often. It is important to reward yourself with the right things and for the right reason, and celebrate the achievements and goals you accomplish.

While this journey has been long and hard I am more determined than ever to succeed, every time reaching a goal making sure I celebrate my own success before setting a new target and new goals to achieve. Through tackling this challenge head on, I have not only managed to lose weight but developed an understanding, appreciation of goal driven success.

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