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Article 1:

In her article, Baker (2017) narrates of how the body of a 19-year-old transplant recipient was found in a torched vehicle in Surrey. The woman identified as Bhavkiran (Kiran) Dhesi was a college student who went missing on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. According to a report provided by close family members, the victim was last seen leaving their home at around 9 p.m (Baker, 2017). When the police were informed of the burning vehicle, they immediately rushed to the scene and managed to put the fire out. It did not take the police long before they realized that there was a body with major injuries in the car, implying a homicide situation (Baker, 2017). The analysis carried out by the police revealed that the woman was killed somewhere else and the torching of the car was just a cover up for the criminal acts carried against the woman.

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The political ideology in this case is that the cases of increased women kidnappings is on the rise in Canada and a quick action is needed. All people, irrespective of their genders have the right and freedom to express themselves and freely go about their daily activities. The issue of increased kidnappings is totally unacceptable considering that most women are mainly targeted because they cannot defend themselves. In some cases, women are kidnapped and forced to illegal activities like prostitution and dealing drugs. To promote social welfare in Canada, people must start treating women in equal statuses like their male counterparts. Although women may not have muscles to defend themselves, they have equal rights and should thus be treated with the dignity and the respect they deserve.

From an inclusion lens point of view, there is increased gender inequality in Canada. The increased inequality is perpetrated by people who continually treat women as lesser beings, and hence they can kidnap them and use them the way they wish. The reduced gender inequality is a major problem for women because it is imparting fear as they go on their daily activities. The increased gender inequality is also a major problem for the entire society because it makes families live in fear that maybe their daughter will be next. The inclusion lens is an important part of recognizing people and their special contributions. The death of torching of the body of the 19-year-old student is enough evidence that there are some groups within the Canadian society that feel that women have fewer or no contributions in the growth of the country. Therefore, they want to kidnap them and use they as they wish. It should however be noted that women are equally important and have the right to live their lives the way they choose to live.

The author’s perspective in the article is that women kidnappings is a major problem that authorities and the country at large must eliminate completely. In the author’s mind, tough legal actions should be taken against individuals and groups that kidnap women. If no tough actions are taken, the problem will remain a major stumbling block towards the growth of a country. The author also thinks that members of the public must work closely with the security officers to effectively deal with the problem of women kidnappings.

Article 2:
In her article, Minsky (2017) examines the immigration problem facing Quebec province in Canada and the country at large. The author starts by pointing out that many immigrants arriving in the province as ‘food of asylum seekers’ are groups of Haitians who are fleeing the U.S., following ejection by president Trump and his administration. Following ejection from the country, the immigrants are faced many problems including cholera outbreaks and natural disasters and find Canada a heaven where some of their problems can be solved (Minsky, 2017). Canada is a friendly and welcoming country and this why the immigrants are welcomed at the province of Quebec. The main problem in Quebec however is that the immigrants are coming in at very large numbers, and it remains uncertain on whether the province and surrounding provinces can meet the needs of the immigrants (Minsky, 2017). Many immigrants have been diagnosed with serious illnesses and thus need quick medical attention. Other immigrants are hungry and thus need reliable food sources. There is also the problem that most immigrants have no formal education and thus cannot be absorbed in the country’s formal employment sector. To accommodate them, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium has been opened as a habitat area.

The political ideology in this article is that the increasing number of immigrants is becoming a major problem for Canada. Although the country remains committed to accommodating foreigners, it has reached a point where the country’s resources can no longer support needs of the immigrants. To promote social welfare, countries must join hands and commit their resources towards supporting immigrants.

From an inclusion lens perspective, the problem of increasing immigrants in Canada is a sign that the international community needs to play more roles in addressing immigration problems. Issues such as war, political instability, and drought are forcing people to flee from their countries. To address the problem of increasing number of immigrants, better international policies must be developed to deal with the stated issues.

The author’s perspective is that the increasing number of immigrants in Mexico is becoming an ‘unfair’ burden to Canada. This is by alluding to the idea that most of the immigrants in Canada come from other countries like thy U.S., where they have been evicted. To effectively deal with the problem, countries must be willing to offer space and resources to support immigrants. If Canada was to evict the immigrant like other countries are doing, they will be left along to die in the sea and the desert. The international community must play a leading role in convincing countries to welcome and support immigrants.

It is with great concern for the future of our women that I write this letter. I recently came across an article at Global News describing how the body of a 19-year-old missing college woman was found in a torched vehicle. Police reports revealed that the torching of the woman’s body in a vehicle was meant to cover up a homicide case. This case was not only devastating but also a sign of the increased gender inequality in the country. Women are an important part of the society and increased efforts should be made to provide them with full security so that they can live and express themselves freely like their male counterparts.

Personally, I have seen many cases of gender inequality and frankly, I am not happy. Cases of women disappearing for a few days only to be found dead are not new in this country. In some cases, women are kidnapped and later forced to illegal activities like prostitution and dealing drugs. I therefore write this letter calling for increased advocacy of women rights, to protect women from kidnappings. Perpetrators should be exposed to eliminate homicide cases. More measures of promoting gender inequality will also help in reducing cases of missing women.
Yours sincerely,

  • Baker, P. (2017). Body of 19-Year-Old Transplant Recipient Found in Burned Vehicle in Surrey: IHIT. Global News. Retrieved August 4, 2017 from http://globalnews.ca/news/3646234/body-of-19-year-old-transplant-recipient-found-in-burned-vehicle-in-surrey-ihit/
  • Minsky, A. (2017). Would-be Refugees Fleeing Donald Trump Policy may not Fare better in Canada. Global News. Retrieved August 4, 2017 from http://globalnews.ca/news/3646272/refugees-canada-haiti-donald-trump/?utm_source=Other&utm_medium=EditorsPick&utm_campaign=2015

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