MISSHA Social Media Strategy Development

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MISSHA consists of luxurious skincare hair care and cosmetics products. MISSHA products are from a company that has international recognition owing to its production of high-quality skincare and beauty products. While selling MISSHA, I shall be targeting, most importantly the income earning women since the product is a bit costly. Again, these women shall have to be of between the ages of 16 to 50 as this age group is rather conscious about looks. This age group also wants to go for products that help in keeping young and attractive.

I shall use advertisement as one of the methods of attracting customers. Customers always buy believing your product will solve their problem. In such a case, I shall highlight the benefits of my product that meet the needs of my target market. Furthermore, I shall use modern advertising techniques and move away from the traditional advertisement methods (Wells, William, John and Sandra 170). In doing so, I shall be able to conquer a large portion of my market. I aim at advertising in the local newspapers, over the television sets and through posting information on my cosmetic product on magazines and more specifically, other female related publications (Lawfer 17). Again, I shall use a language that my target group understands during advertising. Additionally, I shall use postcards and flyers where I shall tell the client’s about my special offers. The flyers shall also create awareness about my cosmetic product. Moreover, I shall organize special events in various beauty spa’s and salons. Such events shall create excitement among the customers, and they shall draw new clients and also keep the regular client’s coming back.

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In order to attract more MISSHA client’s, I shall have to study their needs when it comes to skincare products. Indeed, females have varying skin needs. Some of might be interested in skin care products for removing acne, while others may be interested in anti-aging skin care products (Reid, Robert and David 67). To attract these clients, I shall allow them to sample my MISSHA products. I am aware that MISSHA’a quality ingredients or the attractive prices shall not be enough to lure customers to purchase my products. In that case, I shall allow my clients to sample my skin care products prior to making the purchases. Product sampling shall be one of my ways of attracting customers. I shall also communicate consistently with my clients to find out their views on my products. Through communication, I shall be able to know if the customers are achieving positive results in the use of my skin care products. Finally, I shall request those clients’ who like the products to write testimonials. In shall the use the testimonials while marketing the products (Fowles 104).

To continue to engage with the current customers, I aim at offering them the skincare products at low prices. In case my current clients’ refer other females to purchase my skincare products, I shall reward the new and the current client as well for advertising my products. Moreover, I plan on having some free samples that I shall give my current clients on their second purchase.

Without doubt, it is beneficial to focus on the customers that I already have that to try and get new ones to purchase my products. I have therefore developed some tactics on how to engage with my current skin care consumers. One of my tactics includes retaining a solid relationship with them even after have spent their hard earned money to purchase my products (Front Runners 22). I shall work hard on adapting to my customer’s needs to provide them a seamless experience. Another tactic I shall use to engage with my current customers is by sending them monthly emails and newsletters. Through these emails and newsletters, I shall keep them informed about my MISSHA products. My engagement with current customers shall determine their level of involvement in my products. I shall, therefore, invest my time and effort in building a long lasting relationship with them.

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