Monsters University College Life

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Monsters University is not only an entertaining animated movie but also a good reflection of the college life in the U.S. including the struggles faced by many students. One of the lessons in the movie is that success is not the outcome of natural talent only but also hard work and disappointments are part of the college life. Mike was rejected from the fraternity he so wanted to join and similarly, he had trouble gaining credibility as a student in the beginning despite being a hard worker. But despite failures and disappointments, Mike didn’t give up.

The movie also shows us that personal development and character building in college doesn’t only take place in classrooms but also outside classrooms such as in extra co-curricular activities. Extra co-curricular activities are especially beneficial at developing soft skills such as leadership and teamwork. The movie also teaches us that the pressure to succeed in college is intense and may even tempt some into unethical behavior which is why more and more colleges are emphasizing ethical education. Similarly, we also learn that students care for their social status in college just as they did in high school.

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The movie also shows that students can have moments of self-doubt, thus, having a support group can make a huge difference whether instructors or friends. We also learn about the importance of rules and regulations at college and how violating them can have serious unintended consequences. Probably, the most important lesson in the movie is that while college does help build a strong foundation, success in life is not just determined by one’s performance in college. One can succeed through persistence and hard work in life even if they fall behind their expectations in college. College is just a stopover along the way to a bright future rather than the destination.

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