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The poster represents the realities we face every day, things are not always as they seem. Often individuals are titled incorrectly based on perception of facts versus reality Alfred Hitchcock understood how possible this was even in 1972 when he wrote the Frenzy. The movie focused heavily on the rape and murder of women who were strangled by a tie, however the plot focuses substantially on the idea that one individual was responsible, even though he was not the true culprit. The wrong man even went to jail because he was continually at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The storyline would not change much at all, merely a modernized version of this production. The focus on the ties clearly shows that just because one is more prominent does not mean the other one is nonexistent. The fruit merchant, Robert Rusk presented himself in a manner where he was well liked, he appeared to be a solid upstanding citizen but as the viewers learned early on, that was not the situation at all. With the changes in the new modernized version, perhaps the true killer would not be as obvious, allowing one to wonder if Richard Blaney was truly the real killer. It would set a deeper meaning within the murder mystery production that will require the viewer to see that there is always more than perception.

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Hitchcock laid the groundwork for a production with many different twists. It was engaging and entertaining while still providing questions as to how everyone was blaming the wrong man. Even in the end when he was holding the metal pipe and hit the dead women who had already been strangled. The double ties represents more than a twisted movie that was portrayed in the original film’s poster dated back to 1972. There is always more to a film than what one can clearly see, sometimes you just need to look a little further for the hidden meanings.

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