My Career in Fashion Design: Entrepreneur

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My dream fashion career consists of me designing a line of updated retro clothing, along side my own recreations of these fashions. These fashions would then be purchased by customers on my ecommerce website, or sold to buyers for sale in their stores. Entrepreneurs oversee all of the businesses internal and external operations. Business owners need a strong sense of leadership, and ownership over their product. It will be my responsibility to oversee product development, marketing, sales, and more. An entrepreneur in the fashion industry has a strong sense of market conditions, and can easily adapt through shifting trends.

A successful entrepreneur, “Offers innovative products and services that satisfy unmet needs in the fashion industry” (Stall-Meadows, 2011). The text explains that Ralph Lauren exemplified this when skinny ties were in style by designing and selling his own line of wide ties. A self-employed designer needs to be ahead of current trends. Those pursuing this career must have a strong sense of organization, and time management, as the many tasks can be overwhelming. A candidate should not only be a product designer, but also, “determine what their customers want and suggest… styles that might be created to be included in the inventories” (Diamond & Pintel, 2008).

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An education with a business concentration is almost imperative for a person to own a startup business. To design, one must have strong experience creating patterns, and using computer aided design software. Those with strong design skills, may want to intern in an administrative office, or work as an assistant to buyers, or sellers. Management experience is also important. They must be able to communicate with their employees, and make sure the brand keeps it’s quality.

The salary is questionable for an entrepreneur. Along with the great freedom of the job, comes high responsibility and risk. When a small business owner has complete agency over a company, it is called sole propriety. This person can claim all of the companies income as their own. If a product takes off, there is no telling how much a self-employed designer could make. However, there is a constant risk of market shifts that could cause a drop in income. One, “Intrinsic reward of starting a business is the ability to be involved in all aspects of the products and services development, from the beginning to the end of the project” (Diamond & Pintel, 2008).

In this day and age, it is very simple to start a small fashion business using eBay, or Etsy. These websites give anyone a platform to post, sell, and market their own brands. With determination, and drive, I can find relevant job experience, while I sell my own redesigns of retro clothing online. This side project will keep my mind on my eventual prize. I will also always have my dreams in my sites. By recreating retro looks, I will be honing my skills as a pattern maker, and designer. Though my online ventures may not pay the bills, it will always be an inspiration while I gain experience, and skills.

I chose this career because I have a strong determination to succeed. I want to cater to individuals that mainstream fashion culture does not fully support. I believe that more people should be able to have that one-of-a-kind jacket, dress, or pair of pants in their collection. I chose this career because I love to see the potential, and have an eye for details. I am highly organized, and can achieve my visions.

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