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People began using the internet in the early 90s. Internet has been one of the greatest inventions of our times and has also affected the world in a negative way. It has helped us in communication in many ways and has also assisted in extending our intelligence and knowledge. With the internet, we can easily know about things that we do not hear on a regular basis. However, with all these positive impacts it is also a negative influence on the community. For example; in a family gather last weekend, everybody was on their phones instead of socializing. The conversations between the family members were so short because everyone was on the internet using their phones. Even in education, everybody has a smartphone, and it is hard for students to pay attention in a class since they have the internet in their hands.

The internet also affects our health in so many ways. People are more likely to gain weight since they spend so many hours on the internet either on their phones or their computers. The internet is a huge issue that affects our communities, health and also education. The internet was established so that it can help people look for knowledge and also search for new ideas on Google and other search engines. When the social media was introduced, however, people became crazy on the internet. The inventors of the internet wanted to make the world easier and smaller through the internet. People became addicted to the internet, and it became like a drug. This is because the internet treats people like they are not alone and that they can leave alone without any friends since the smart phones are their friends.

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People start to care less about the real world and the real relationships in with their emotions on the net. Too many doctors and consultants have warned people against many hours on the internet. For example, instead of staying on the internet all the time, we have to invest our talent by going to the gym or trying out for a basketball team or football team. When we engage in sports instead of using phones, we will be busy in the circuses and not on the internet. The children’s childhood might be destroyed by the internet since the children have a very different childhood than us. It is harmful to the communities when the internet is used excessively. The internet helps us learn by having reports on various societal issues in sports, medicine and history. This lets us have a considerable amount of the public information in our communities. On the contrary, it does negatively affect communities by making people busy with nothing. For example, when someone has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, they post almost everything that they do every single moment of their day.

From this example, we can imagine a person who is free from work and assignments with all these applications at hand. The effect is risky to the health of an individual, and they may get fat due to lack of exercises. If the internet is excessively used then, everyone will become crazy. To ensure that they are healthy and still using the internet, people should schedule themselves because the body is known to have a limit of endurance.  The internet is an excellent choice since it describes the problems that affect the world currently and one of them is the excessive use of the internet. Although the internet helps us, it does give the society a dark life. By creating ads that people can listen to and relate to positively and be inspired by it. Such ads can change many persons in the world can help us solve the problems that are brought about by the internet.

The choice of food is different from person to person. Some people like meat while others like vegetarian’s foods. The choice of food is different depending on the place, time, and with who. There are many choices of foods. Some People choose what they like to eat and drink, and there are some persons who choose the healthy foods for their bodies. There are some people who chose food depending on the time of the day; in the morning, afternoon and night. I eat what I like to eat considering the time. My choice is different depending on the time and place.

The first choice is in the morning where I take my breakfast. It is very monopolist with two or three options because I do not have time in the morning. For example, when I wake up and I do not have enough time to prepare breakfast, I look for something that is easy and so fast to make in order to save time. On the other hand, if I have time, then I have so many choices to make. On the weekends, I feel like a king because I have so much time, and therefore I can make so many choices on the foods that I would like to eat. My beast meal in the morning is Halloumi with tomato. If I hang out with my friends to the restaurant, I order eggs often, but when I do not have many people around me, I eat anything I have in my house. For an example in last one month I did not have many meetings with friends, so I ate at home.

The second most important meal of the day is lunch because often when I come from school I am so hungry, and so lunch is a hearty meal. Sometimes I eat in a restaurant so that I can have a new dish. At times, my roommate calls me and asks whether we could have a meal out of the house, and so we step out and go to a nearby restaurant and try out a new dish or meal. My best lunchtime dish is majbos meat because it has protein and provides a lot of energies. I eat it to get my energy back. I need energy because spent my energy to study, so l eat majbos meat most days in a month. I never skip eating sweets in a day. It helps me calm my nerves when I am nervous. I like it because it has many benefits to the body, and it is like a meal that I do not skip.

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