My Family and My Origin

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When I am asked to pinpoint what has shaped me into who I am today, I have to conclude that it is because of my family and my native city of Athens, Greece. I was born and raised in the northern suburb of Athens which was one of the safest areas of the city. However, after the economic crisis of 2008 many things changed. I was twelve years old when I saw a police officer kill a fifteen year old boy from my school. This was the beginning of a new era for Greece. People took to the streets in protest. After a week, most of the buildings were burned or heavily damaged. This was the first time that I understood that something was going wrong and it changed my perception of the world. I started researching information about the police, the economic crisis, and politics.

Although five years have passed, not many things have changed, but those five years were crucial for me as I went from child, to teenager, and now, to an adult. Living in Athens played huge role in this change as I learned to survive in tough conditions, and I realized that I am lucky just because I have something to eat and a home in which to live.

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My family has shaped my character through many changes we have experienced together in just a few short years. When I was a young child, everything was fine since both my parents loved each other and we did not face any economic problems. In 2006, my grandfather entered the hospital, and then I realized the major financial problems we faced. This did not disturb us though because we were supporting each other. After my grandfather died in 2007, our economic situation became better despite the downturn of the Greek economy. We moved to a bigger house, and I bought a dog that I had always wanted. It seemed that the worse had passed. The next five years are what shaped my personality more than anything.

My parents started fighting every day, and my father left home in 2009 when I was fourteen years old. Up until a year and a half ago, my mother cried every day and confided her problems to me. As the only child, I realized that I had to mature fast in order to protect and help my mother. Fortunately, we did not suffer financially because my father supported us and still supports us to this day. My father and I tried to have the best possible relationship we could despite the fact that he was not home. It has become easier over the years, but he and I both know it will never be the same.

I had to be a good student because my mother was always telling me that I have to set high goals and work to achieve them. My goal has always been to study in the United States. I tried hard as I could to not concentrate on the things happening in the family. Many times I did not even want to come home from school, but my friends helped me to overcome this. I discovered how important water-skiing was for me. The only time that I could forget everything else was when I was on skis. I began to focus on my athletic goal to be a successful water-skier.

Even though the years 2009 to 2012 were the worst years of my life, I realized some truths about life, and I am grateful that I learned them so young. First of all, money does not buy happiness. Second, family and friends are important to get through life’s misfortunes. Finally, the best things in life are not things. My misfortunes molded me into the young adult I am now.

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