One of the Most Important Days in the History of France

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Once again the King needs money to replenish his coffers so he and his family can dress in fine silks, eat delicacies and while their hours away partaking in trivial pastimes whilst we work our fingers to the bone simply to purchase bread for our families. He flits from mansion to mansion, resplendent behind his fine steeds while our feet are barely encased in shoes. He must be desperate or his well of ever flowing gold off the sweat of our brow has diminished to a trickle, for all of us present know quite well this organization has not been called to order for 175 years and although the majority of our nation’s wealth comes from our hands, we are still out flanked and out voted by the privileged nobility as well as the insulated clergy. We will take a stand! Louis may undertake every trick in his arsenal to ensure we do not unite, but his childish ventures are all for naught.

So let us take a pledge, all 577 strong of us, on this day June 20, 1789, to not bow, bend, break or disband until Louis comes to hand and neutralizes his own power. The time of the ancien regime and the rule of divine right has long since passed. We the French people, that comprise nearly 96 percent of this country’s work force and financial prowess, deserve a voice. We deserve food in our bellies and in our children’s bellies. Our nation is powerful due to our efforts. We demand and deserve Louis’ attention to what is most deservedly ours and refuse to be denied. He will not preclude us from meeting no matter how many guards stand at the door or what royal decree he utters. Let us sign and pledge our fealty to not separate or dissemble until France has a written constitution.

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This day will go down in history as one of the most glorious in the history of France, for she will be reborn. We refuse to follow in the footsteps of forefathers and allow this king to rule unadulterated, unabashed and with no limits to his frivolity while his subjects enable him and his a life of leisure. Do we not produce the grain that composes his bread? Do we not craft the furniture upon which he sits and slumbers? Do we not mine his gold, fight his wars, protect his children while ours have stomachs growling from hunger?

This is the first and most important step to the creation of a new nation. One where the people receive their voice, their just due and a say in what laws are promulgated as well as those that are refuted. Let this pledge illustrate to Louis, his courtiers and supporters that he must stand up and take notice of our aims, our resolve and our rights for we will not be denied. We will stand alone, without the succor or insight from the other Estates. For we do not require revolution merely a transition for a better France for us all and our children as well as our children’s children.

Louis will come to realize this is the day his reign will be forever altered and our situation must be considered. He has no choice. For we will stand resolute before him to create a nation by charting our own course. We should not be ruled wholly by a king that has concept or connection with his people. It is high time the people should be making their own decisions and choices. This pledge taken this day in this spot affirms our convictions and utmost devotion to implementing a constitutional, representative form of government in France.

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