Persuasive Speech On Obesity

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In my speech, the topic focused on is about obesity and if the parents of obese children should be fined or not. Obesity is a major problem among the rich all over the world. More so in America, most children from well off families are obese due to bad eating habits and the presence of excess food. The speech will also focus on the main causes of obesity, which affects even the poorest people in the society. It will shed light on the myth that obesity is only for the rich and cannot affect the poor. Through the analysis of all the relevant facts, the speech will also explain the measures to be taken in order to reduce the cases of obesity in the society.

The speech will be speaking on a question of both fact and policy. The facts are that obesity is a major problem in most households and should be addressed lest the problem escalates. Policies should be put in place to prevent an escalation of obesity cases in order to avoid spending so much on addressing the issue. The speech will therefore explain the various policies that should be implemented in order to deal with obesity cases.

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My central idea in the speech is on parenting and obesity. This addresses how the two are related and the responsibilities of parents in preventing obesity in their children. The focus is on whether parents with obese children should be fined. Which in my opinion, they should. In the speech, I will explain the reasons behind the idea of fining these parents.

The target audience for my speech is the public more so the families with obese children. This is because they are the most affected and have a clear understanding of the implications of obesity in the family. I will adapt the speech to be persuasive to my audience through explaining the worst scenarios of the health issue and the consequences involved if one ignores it. I will also explain the trauma that obese people undergo and the irresponsibility portrayed by parents of obese children.

In the introduction, the methods I would use to gain attention include, stating the importance of the topic to my audience, relating the topic to my audience, arousing the curiosity of my audience through bringing up hot that everyone would be eager to know more about and finally bringing up questions that would startle the audience. Additionally, I would establish my credibility to the audience by showing them that I know much about the topic and whatever I will be presenting to them is an outcome of a thorough research.

I would organize my points according to order of importance. The main points will be highlighted first before the less important points. Each point will be explained broadly with all the relevant facts. The main points will be given more time in the explanation part than the less important points. The main points will be supported by several materials, including journals such as the “journal of obesity” and “Health matters”. The speech will also review news reports specifically BBC news on obesity.

The steps I have taken to answer potential objections from my audience include explaining facts on the issue and doing thorough research on all aspects of obesity. I have also reviewed the constitution to equip myself with the relevant laws guarding health matters. In my conclusion, the methods used to reinforce my central idea include, emphasizing and convincing. The emphasis used in the conclusion will give the audience a clear understanding of the purpose of the speech. In convincing the audience, they will be able to understand the immediate steps needed to be taken in order to address the issue.

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