Poems Comparison

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Both poems compare between different things. The first poem distinguishes between two people’s lives, and the other poem compares between two distinct roads or paths. “The Sadie and Maud” poem talk about two individuals with different lifestyles. While the other poem “The road not taken” is about a traveler who is torn between two different paths.

The Sadie and Maud poem talk mainly about Sadie’s life which was lived to the fullest compared to Maud’s life. “The road not taken” poem talks mainly about one of the paths but unlike the Sadie and Maud’s poem, he mentioned the other way, and that is he left a mark for the future to take it if he ever came back again. The Sadie and Maud poem used a metaphor by comparing Sadie’s life with a fine-toothed comb and that she was on of the most living chicks in all the land which mean that she lived her life to the fullest which is a good thing.

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In “The Road Not Taken” poem the traveler compared the path he took was grassy and that one with fewer travelers. So there is no metaphor in describing the road. In the Sadie and Maud poem, the poet mentions six different characters who are Sadie, Maud, Sadie’s two daughters, and Sadie and Maud’s father and mother. On the other hand, the road not taken mentions no characters besides the traveler. The background of the first poem Sadie and Maud is a home or a house. And the road not taken poem has a background of a mysterious path that is grassy and empty.

The first poem Sadie and Maud follows a continues flow, the poet first mentions where Sadie and Maud are; then he describes what type of lives the have, then he says that Sadie had two daughters with her maiden name, and as a result, her father, mother, and Maud got upset. On the contrary, The Road Not Taken poem it goes back and forth. The poet said he stood in front of two roads and took the grassier one which means that he started his journey. Moreover, he mentions that one of the characteristics that made him choose the path he wants is that it was grassier. And then went on to mention another reason why he chooses that path which was that it had fewer travelers. The Sadie and Maud poem ended with a jealous tone. While “The Road Not Taken” poem concludes with an excitement and thriller tone.

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