Power Of Dance Video Analysis

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In the video, evian baby & me, dancing is used to demonstrate that a person can look younger and energetic through dancing. Several people join the first dancers. The video shows that dancing gives people a reflection of looking younger (EvianBabies, 2013). The dance central 3 TV commercial featuring usher tells the views that dancing can take place when someone least expects.

For instance the video, the policemen stops the ladies and unexpectedly, the policeman starts to dance. The sells a message that dance is a factor of unification between different people in the society. Next in the video, dancing is used to also unify two antagonizing soccer players. After a scuffle, they come together to showcase their skills in dancing. Finally, a dancing brings together two political opponents in a debate (GameNewsOfficial, 2012). The dancing also demonstrates creativity and the power to communicate and evoke responses from the people.

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Dancing helps in getting the message across by bringing together rival people for instance in a soccer game or in a political arena to showcase their skills in dancing hence establishing a message of peace between them. The power behind the human movement to dance is brought about by the inside feeling of feeling free and having peace among ourselves. The use of the movement affect us by making us accept that dancing is an art which is embraced by many people in the society and which also makes feel reenergized. Dancing frees us psychological stress especially when people engage the moves and the skills they know.

The best, most effective, and funniest use of dance is the part when one performed by one of the soccer players. The soccer players performs skillful moves and interestingly, the referee shows him a red card and later, all the players come together to condemn the action of the referee. (GameNewsOfficial, 2012)

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