Tap Dancing

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Tap dancing is an amazing form of art. Not only is tap dance all about rhythm, but also this kind of dancing doesn’t require music, making it a truly unique form of art. In addition, tap dancers possess a distinct form of movement as well being that they dance using parallel and clear dance moves. Therefore, tap dancing is truly a remarkable form of beautiful expression, and was a very popular dance until rock n’ roll (jazz) took its place. However, tap dancing lovers never stopped dancing and even took to the streets of New York City with their sounds and noises of the city until tap dancing got its place back.

To begin the discussion into what tap dancing is all about, rhythm is the key player, which allows the dancer to move along with the song with only a pair of shoes. These distinct shoes have a metal in the back of the shoe giving the dancer means to make the sounds she or he wants to make. For every single move, however, there is another move that makes the rhythm of tap dancing. Some of these rhythms that a dancer can follow are showed in the movie, such as the sounds of New York City, water drops and the noises of working structures. Thus, rhythm should be a strong and repeated movement of legs that makes up the key sounds of tap dancing.

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Since tap dancing requires a lot of movement with the legs, many dancers use their legs vigorously while others use both their hands and legs. Even though some dancers may use their legs more, what is the same in all dancers is the use of parallel movements.

Dancers should have a form and parallel movements in their tap dancing and the body should go with the sound that the dancer is making with the shoes. This is because, in tap dancing, it’s a ‘no need music’ kind of dance all about how a dancer can make a good rhythm and a sound with only using a pair of shoes. By doing this, the tap dancer can cause people to notice how he or she is making the actual moves to make quality, unique sounds with just the use of bodily movements. Tap dancers have and are always ready to make movements without any hesitations or conditions because they possess rhythm, parallel and clear movements, and don’t need outside music for it lies within their precise, counted steps within.

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