Prevention, Pollution, Air, Water & Food

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Pollution of the environment exposes individuals within communities to severe health risks. For instance, in my community the focus is on controlling environmental pollution to reduce the health risks it imposes on almost all human organ systems. Vesilind, Peirce, and Weiner (2013) claim that society at air and water pollution risk could experience diseases like diarrhea, cancer, and cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases in adults and children, and neurological disorders. The burden of air and water pollution has been massive for my community for many years until recently when measures were taken to control these challenges.

In the bid to reduce air pollution, the society focused on technologies that filter emissions before they are released into the environment. Also, educating the society on approaches to reduce carbon emissions has led to a significant number of individuals to use environmentally friendly vehicles. On the other hand, industries and households have minimized the use of chemicals to reduce water pollution. For instance, companies have been encouraged to use cleaner processes of production. Community members are required to use proper treatment of hazardous wastes before these are disposed.

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The efforts to control air and water pollution in our community are supported by agencies like the National Association of County Health Officials Environment Health Project. According to Vesilind et al., (2013), the National Association of County Health Officials Environment Health Project works to provide supporting material for local health officials. Moreover, it supports the medical community, as well to reduce health risks that are related to hazardous substances. Also, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works to protect community members by controlling the spread of diseases caused by pollution (Vesilind et al., 2013). It is also responsible for providing emergency responses to public health emergencies.

Since the education of individuals on measures to control air and water pollution, there have been significant improvements in the community. However, there are still severe impacts of water and air pollution. In this case, it becomes necessary for the members of my community to put more efforts to control air and water pollution. For example, more individuals should use better approaches when disposing of hazardous wastes. Also, they should avoid using vehicles that produce excess smoke. Here, they could practice proper engine maintenance to keep the cars in the right conditions where they will not produce excess smoke.

  • Vesilind, P. A., Peirce, J. J., & Weiner, R. F. (2013). Environmental pollution and control. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann. Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann.

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