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There are many different graphics that may be used to enhance a report of this nature, including, but not limited to tables, diagrams, line graphs, column or vertical bar graphs, Gantt charts, dot graphs, pie charts, photographs and illustrations, and maps (Hopkins, 2011). In order to most effectively add a graph to the justification report I will determine the area that will be able to benefit from the insertion of a graph the most and then locate the information necessary in order to create the appropriate graphic.

I believe that this will be best suited to the area of costs, as it allows for an easy picture of what is being addressed, something that is not always easy to see when presented with a non-visual representation of monetary values. Graphs are a necessary part of a formal report for this reason, as they allow shareholders to effectively view the information they need without wasting any time.

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The benefits of using graphs in the report presentation include providing an audience a quick method by which they are able to get a summarization of the information being discussed, they emphasize the main points, they are able to convince readers to move into action, they offer a more compact method of conveying a large amount of information, and they are far more interesting than just plain text (Wingenbach, 2014).

A creatively constructed graph will assist in the better presentation and management of data in that it will not only allow for the conveyance of a large bulk of information, it will do so in a manner that is the easiest to process visually, thus ensuring that the reader of the report is able to truly understand the significance of the data that is being presented to them. Without visual representations, the same severity will not be able to be conveyed, potentially resulting in lost funding and the like.

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