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A college or university education remains one of the most important investments an individual can make today. The decision to attend university allows a person the opportunity to achieve an education that will greatly affect the person for the rest of his or her life. It will create additional income opportunities, allow for career advancement and also provide a firm educational basis for the lifetime of the person. It also creates social opportunities for the student. It is important to recognize that there are a wide variety of colleges and universities from which an individual can choose. State universities and colleges offer tremendous benefits over many other schools. For these reasons, individuals should consider attending a state-run university of college. In particular, Arkansas State University offers tremendous advantages for the student.

One of the greatest advantages to state-run schools is purely economic. The cost of a university education continues to increase at rates much greater than inflation. Many individuals wonder if they can afford a college degree in these difficult economic times. However, state universities clearly offer a tremendous cost savings over private universities and colleges. The average cost of tuition, plus room and board is much lower at state schools. For this reason, over the course of a four year degree, an individual may save a significant amount of money over the cost of a private college. In particular, Arkansas State University offers incredibly reasonable rates for tuition for students. A credit hour is only $181.00. A Greene County resident pays only $60.00. This is a fantastic bargain! It is important to recognize that the majority of individuals also finance their education with student and parental loans. The principle borrowed by the individual will be much less for a state university student. Over time, the additional interest savings will also be remarkable for the state school student and parent.

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Arkansas State University also offers a tremendous choice of majors and classes for students. Obviously, individuals focus on majors when they consider schools. Even students who are undeclared likely have an idea concerning their interests. However, it is important to attend a college with a wide variety of majors; these additional majors provide a tremendous choice of electives for the student. A student should leave a university with a wide background of knowledge in multiple areas. Schools that do not offer many majors limit students in exploring other areas. Arkansas State does not do this.

Students also want to have an active social life at college. College should not be only about studying. Students need to socialize and enjoy a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Arkansas State offers the student over three hundred different clubs and student organizations. There is something for everyone at this school. Activities range from political ones, to artistic groups and of course, sports. Arkansas State University provides the student multiple opportunities to engage in physical fitness. Students will be attending an NCAA Division 1 school. For the student athlete, this is an amazing opportunity to compete against other top student athletes. However, not all sports are for all students. These students can enjoy the opportunity to witness these sporting events to cheer on their fellow students. Of course, football and basketball represent two of the most popular spectator sports. Many individuals never attend a Division 1 football game in their life. This will not be said for the student at the Arkansas State University.

Essentially, the Arkansas State University creates a great student opportunity for any person. Students will experience a wide variety of educational and extra-curricular activities. The students at this university will also do it for a fraction of the cost of private schools and universities. This is just one example of how the students at this school use their brains and intelligence. These students will graduate in a few years with a great education and limited student loans. That is the perfect start to a successful life.

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