Reasons as to why I should Join MLU to Major in Dentistry

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It is no doubt that one of the hardest questions among students regards the career they wish to pursue in future. Contrarily, this has been one of the easiest questions for me, all along I wanted to be a dentist. The fact that I would be in a position to put a smile on one’s face fascinates me. There are many people who cannot afford to smile because of dental problems such as disorganized and discolored teeth. Additionally, some spend sleepless nights because of a toothache as a result of tooth decay. I was partly motivated to pursue dentistry by a 2012 report published by Disease Control and Prevention which identified that in 2011-2012 approximately 91 percent of the United States adults aged 20-64 years had dental carriers in permanent teeth. On top of that, the percentage increases to 95 as people hit 65 years. From then I knew in future I had to do something to help scale down the large percentage of people with dental problems by either providing preventive care, eliminating pain, providing dental restorative procedures or dentofacial esthetics. The desire to be a dentist is observable in my previous education as well as experience.

While at Dana Hills High School I did subjects that would help me build my background for studying dentistry. In did health and occupation CCA/ health skills 1 and 2, CCA/ BIO-Tech, and HMO biology. I also have honors anatomy and psychology from Diana Hills High School. While at Irvine Valley College I did “Introduction to Biotechnology and Lab (Biotech 70/ 70l).” From 2016 to date I have worked in a medical facility in Mission Viejo Hospital located in Mission Viejo. Additionally, I have worked in Sand Canyon Kaiser Hospital where I also gathered substantial experience in a wide range of activities such as dealing with patients and interacting with them as well as checking in and checking out patients. I believe, my education, as well as professional background, are well enough to enable me to pursue dentistry at LMU University. I chose LMU University because of several reasons as discussed below.

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I need a learning environment that is peaceful, enjoyable and with adequate learning resources. This is because good learning environment would help me develop both socially and academically. LMU University is a place that would offer such an environment. It is strategically located in LA. From the University one can access different places. Additionally, it is near the ocean which I believe adds to the beauty of the university. With such environment, I believe I can concentrate and perform well in my career. Of importance is the fact that LMU has a diversified student population and highly trained lecturers, counselors, professors, and other specialists. Being a dentist one is likely to work in different places as well as countries and interact with patients from different cultural backgrounds. LMU admits students from different places and nations. I will be in a position to interact with students from different parts of the globe an aspect that builds my background since in future I will interact with patients and specialists from different places. Dentistry being a sensitive course it needs lecture and professors who are dedicated like those in LMU. From the few friends who have gone through LMU, they attribute their success to the work ethics of the lectures and professors. Considering that by 2024 I would like to be an orthodontist dealing with dental irregularities such as misaligned teeth as well as incorrect jaw positions, underbite, overbite, spacing problems and crooked teeth, the dedicated specialists in LMU I believe will play a major role in shaping my career.

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