Protecting Small Businesses from Cyber Crime

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Cybercrime is a serious issue that many businesses face today. It is especially challenging for businesses that utilize the internet for various services, seeing as this exposes said business to a host of risks insofar as the security of their data is concerned, as demonstrated in the video (ESET, 2014). To this end, businesses must ensure that they take active steps to guarantee the security of their data. The measures outlined in the video do well to resonate with the positions captured by Miller in his book (Miller, 2015). To effectively implement such measures, management must take a keen interest in instituting some of the measures established as being vital to business security.

One of the core ways in which management can effectively contribute towards the protection of data and security of the business is through developing a robust password policy within their organization (Miller, 2015). Creating such a policy and ensuring it is regularly followed will ensure that data is consistently secure and that the risk of data breaches and losses due to weak passwords is mitigated. Similarly, management should take the initiative of educating its employees on cybersecurity and the importance of observing said security (ESET, 2014). For instance, management might decide to conduct regular training sessions for employees to not only inform them about the cybersecurity measures within the organization, but also help them understand the importance of such measures as well as any updates to the system in question.

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At the same time, it is vital to ensure that a functional IT department is created and is functional within the small business (Miller, 2015). This department will be responsible for installing and maintaining antivirus and antispyware software, facilitating the proper encryption and encoding of valuable data, and securing the Wi-Fi of the business from external attacks (ESET, 2014). It is vital, as demonstrated in the video, that the aforementioned measures are undertaken to protect small businesses in the cyberspace. By instituting the outlined measures, management can play an active role in ensuring that their business is protected from cybercrime in the best ways possible.

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