Psychology in Scotland

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Dear Selection Panel,

My name is XXX XXX. With this letter, I would like to state the motivation for pursuing my degree in Psychology in Scotland as well as to explain why I am a deserving student for receiving a scholarship.

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First and foremost, I have always been fascinated with the academic depth of Psychology in Scotland. As I previously completed my undergraduate and obtained my graduate degree in Psychology in my home country, I decided that the time to study abroad has come. I have followed the basic of a theoretical framework to understand psychology and excelled in the courses I attended. The financial difficulties, however, prevented me from pursuing a much desired international perspective on psychological practice. The international education would contribute to the knowledge I already sought as well as would expand my boundaries as a future psychologist. The more perspectives I gain throughout my studies and international education, the more I will grow as a professional. Scotland would be the most suitable country with the proven excellence to pursue such education.

Throughout my academic and professional background, I had to go through lots of financial challenges and prove that I am a desiring student and deserve funding for my education. I am reassured that as soon as I obtain an international degree, I would be able to provide more professional and more enhanced services to my clients. Also, my motivation is driven by the personal reasons, too. As a single parent of a 12-year old child, I have experienced child development psychology in practice. With the pursuit of my undergraduate and graduate degree, I became reassured that this is the area where I would like to pursue my profession even further. This particular program in Scotland is perfectly crafter for my professional expectations.

Unfortunately, as a single parent from El Paso, TX my motivation and desire to pursue the degree in Psychology would not be fulfilled without external financial assistance. Coming from the middle-income family in the United States and raising my child as a single parent created some the evident obstacles for reaching the heights of international education. That is why I would kindly ask you to consider my scholarship application for the program in Scotland and grant me with an opportunity to pursue my education with the financial aid.

I will prove to be a motivation-driven student enabled by the scholarship to pursue my career as a professional psychologist.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards,
Student Name

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