Reasons for Studying at Cambridge

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For centuries the brand of Cambridge University remains atop of international educational ratings. In 2016, The University was among the top 5 in the world according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The internationally acknowledged academic premise provides high-quality teaching and the best-structured courses.

I have opted for the Faculty of Economics as one of the most targeted by Britain’s leading graduate employers. Economics at Cambridge emphasizes applied economics as well as supportive disciplines, including politics, history and sociology. The vast array of disciplines will best prepare me for further studies and employment. The outstanding staff of teachers and tutors, including Noble Prize winners in Economics, creates a genuinely splendid academic environment. The access to specialized software and extensive statistical databases (incl. the Marshall Library of Economics) proves the structured approach to the study of economics and related disciplines is what appeals to me most.

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The acquired knowledge and skills will certainly enable me to further pursue research or career in economics. The understanding of complex matters and the analysis of practical issues combined with effective communication will certainly help me in my professional career choice. I also appreciate the continuation of the academic studies within one of the Masters Degree courses. Alternatively, with the degree from Cambridge University I may opt for professional training in a financial institution or chartered accountancy, management consultancy or government.

Beyond the admiration of the high academic status enjoyed by the Cambridge University, I pursue sound academic environment where I will develop my potential as well as analytical and interpersonal skills. The uniqueness of the in-campus Cambridge atmosphere is where I would like to belong and feel it from within. Thus, I take joining the Cambridge student community as a great honour and personal commitment.

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