The Political Marketing Revolution

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In the recent years, the government of the UK underwent some the main political transformations. These days, the UK policies take a different direction, and the way politics functions change rapidly, too. ‘The Political Marketing Revolution’ explains the multitude of factors that influence the policy-making process in the current UK.

One of the starting points to understand what the book tries to convey as revolutionary can be best seen in the example of Brexit campaign. Instead of using a positive messaging that would unite the audience, numerous political leaders apply different techniques that may have harmful effects on the society. For instance, Boris Johnson used a lot of metaphors to convey the meaning of his appeal to the audience. By doing so, he certainly shaped the discourse that the Leave campaign would benefit the audiences of those whose choices were undecided. Hence, while referring to ad fontes of the book, one can clearly note that the political marketing and the way how governance functions in the UK are defined by different sets of norms.

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For instance, politics can easily be regarding as a form of marketing for its numerous features, such as the promotion of candidates, responding to citizens’ needs which are being modeled from the customers’ needs. Therefore, the book contains a lot of contexts which featured a lot of critical processes in the UK political environment. Rather than shaping the country by the unpopular reforms, politicians often refer to the concept of marketing and offer citizens things which are impossible to deliver.

Some of the most impressive chapters of the book refer to the marketing of education and marketing the media. While looking at the two features in the closer detail, it is uncontested that the UK attracts many students for its high quality. Therefore, those who come to the country and aspire to gain a new knowledge automatically have to adhere to the cultural and political norms in the country. Moreover, there is always a substantial number of students who wish to remain in the country and start or continue their professional career. Regarding political marketing, such an invisible tool would soon become a specific way for a political country, as this is becoming a feature to attract more people into the country. A similar case could be projected to the British media. For a long time, the British media has been known for its respect for quality standards. At the same time, the book deconstructs how the media became a soft-power instrument for the UK.

To sum up, the reality proves how quickly politics adapts to the marketing. Not only one can market certain politicians, but the book also shows how quickly marketing can be applied at an issue-targeted policy. Therefore, political environment can be shaped by numerous factors which may seem invisible at first glance.

  • Lees-Marshment, Jennifer. The Political Marketing Revolution. 1st ed.
    Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2004. Print.

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