Reflection on Social Issues of Medicine

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A person suffering from a chronic disease or disability spends a lot of money paying physicians, drug and hospital costs. Prolonged illness results in financial burden to patients undergoing expensive medication. Less money is invested in the economy when the population of a country spends a lot on medical expenses. As a result, the economic progress of a state reduces. Also, a sick population is less productive. Fewer people will pay tax. The government is placed at a disadvantage because it relies on taxes to fund economic projects in the country. It is therefore important for any government to set policies that provide affordable health care to its citizens.

Occasionally, poor people in the population lack sufficient finance to fund high medical expenses. Poor patients rely on contributions from friends and family to finance their health bills. The society becomes burdened to take care of the sick. Policies set by the government regulates the ability of hospitals to offer medical-waiver. In most circumstances, only a small portion of the medical expenses can be waivered. However, with continuous medication, poor patients cannot pay for their medical expenses even after a partial waiver leading to withdrawal from medication. The health of these patients eventually becomes worse and can lead to loss of life. At times, healthy family members and friends fail to go to work and stay at home taking care of the sick negatively impacting the productivity of a country.

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It is, therefore, necessary for the government to set health policies that promote accessible health care for every citizen. A healthy nation is a productive nation. The government policies should provide affordable health care to all its citizens. The government can set out health insurance plans affordable to the poor in the population o cater to the poor population.

The description of the lady suffering from stroke reveals how the poor in the population suffer due to lack of finances to pay for medical expenses. The lady could not get employed because she suffered from a stroke. The lady could not access social security services because she was unemployed. These policies prevent people who are not able to get employed due to illnesses from accessing social security benefits. The government policies should accommodate the sick people in spite of their employment status. Unemployment due to disability resulting from illness should not prevent patients from getting social security benefits and county healthcare assistance programmes. Changing policies to accommodate the disabled patients will reduce the financial burden on their family and friends. The family and friends can concentrate more on working and building the economy of the country. The government will be able to see an improvement in the economy of the country.

The lady could not get admitted into the county healthcare assistance program because she is unemployed. However, she cannot get employed because she is suffering from a stroke, a health condition that limits the physical activity of a person. The requirement that a patient must be employed to get admitted to county healthcare assistance program and social security benefits prevents many patients from accessing these services. The government can review policies that block sick people from accessing health care because of unemployment makes the county health care programme ineffective. The sick in the society need to get medical assistance to gain good health to work.

This situation inspires aspiring health practitioners to lobby for the interests of the poor who cannot access social health benefits due to physical inability caused by ill health. By working together with social workers, health practitioners can talk to the national government and the county government to change their policies to accommodate unemployed patients. The government is more likely to listen to the medical fraternity and change health policies. It will also include the unemployed in county healthcare assistance programs. This move will help many patients to access medical benefits they could not access because of physical inability resulting from sickness. Consequently, friends and family who take care of these patients can get jobs and improve the economy of the country.

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