Reneissance And The European Age Of Exploration

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Compare and contrast Aztec and Incan Civilizations using SPERM (Social, Political, Economic, Religious, and Military).

The two largest native empires in the Americas were similar and different in a number of ways. Socially, both civilizations practiced a similar social life where different people in the society had different social classes. For instance, in the Aztec civilizations, the warriors had high social status than other people. The Political System of the Aztec was made up of Emperors who were thought to be gods and held absolute power. In addition, they had strict law code. On the other hand, the Incan political system was led by a Supreme Ruler known as “Sapa Inca” who also regarded as a god and had authority to control production, marriage, and movement.

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Economically, the Aztec’s trade involved slave labor in market cities whereas the Incan economy used no money and depended on collecting taxes in form of food, goods, and services. In terms of religious, the Supreme Ruler of the Incan and the Emperors of the Aztec were regarded as religious leaders who were regarded as gods. The military were used in both civilizations. For instance, the military was used in the Incan civilization to control the movement of people.

DETERMINE what factors/events might have weakened the Aztec and Incan empires prior to the arrival of Spanish Conquistadors. 
The Aztecs never had much control over the people they conquered. The factor made them eager to fight in support of the Cortez against the Aztecs. This factor led to the decline of the Aztecs militarily hence could not resist the Spanish. Similarly, the Incan experienced a civil war that involved the Atahualpa and Huascar consequently weakening the empire before the arrival of the Spanish.

EXPLAIN at least 2 different ways Muslims contributed to European exploration? 
The Muslims interest in astronomy helped European exploration to determine the precise direction of where they were headed to and time. The moon and the sun are of much significance among the Muslims daily life. Hence, explorers could use the direction and size of the moon to determine the time of the year during the exploration.

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