Same Sex Marriage Debate

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Same sex marriage is a topic that has staged a lot of debates across different platforms in the society today. Different people give various views on whether this marriage should be accepted in the society or not. In most times, people have very strong opinions for same sex marriage. Most of these arguments have made this subject be very controversial in all aspects of life. Most of the debaters argue out the effects of this marriage in the society and the family as the basic unit of society. Katha Pollit and Charles Colson are some of the writers that have publicly argued out their stands on gay marriage.

Pollit argues that there is nothing wrong with gay marriage. She further outlines that gay marriage cannot threaten the ethics of marriage by putting across some of the people who have successfully embraced gay marriage. In the previous generations, people used to get married several times, not because of love, but financial gain. In the current society, some people just go into marriage in order to get company, and not because they want to thrive in marriage.

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According to Pollit, gay people should be accepted in the society because they show what real commitment in marriage is unlike heterosexual marriages. Marriage is an institution that people care for and protect the people they love. If gays exhibit this commitment in love, then it is the desire of God for them to stay together and the society should accept it.

On the other hand, Colson points out that marriage is suicidal to the society. Gay marriage is a habit that can lead to decoupling marriages and lead to collapse in the basic units that make up the society. Ultimately destruction of families leads to exploding of the society as it is made up of families living in harmony. Parting individuals whom God has put together is against the religious teaching and thus evil.

The consequences of gay marriage are numerous. If a family breaks because of gay same sex relationships, this is likely to affect the life-styles of parents and children of these families. These children are likely to face developmental problems. The behavior of these children may be greatly affected because they may lack proper and balanced parental guidance. The results may be translated to poor academic performance.

Gay marriage tries to change the institution and nature of the natural marriage. This ultimately sums up to destroying the societal ethics. When families are broken as a result this act, it is likely to increase drugs use and consequently lead to increased crime and violence. This is because of the frustration that is produced as a result of these marriages.

Accepting same sex marriage is against God’s wish of man and woman coming together and forming a family. It further violates the laws of God in that the sacred nature of marriage as outlined in the bible allows a couple to come together and enhance procreation so as to fill the earth through the natural act of sex. Pollit argues that it is according to God that people should stay happily in marriage. She misses the point that it is not guaranteed that when gays come together they will be happy.

In conclusion, gay marriage should not be accepted in the society as it alters the traditional meaning and definition of marriage as the union is against social, natural, ethical, religious and physiological norms (Colson, 2004). Therefore, same-sex unions do not have any meaningful or logical basis to get acceptance. Any effort to legalize them should be condemned completely.

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