Social Policy and Reproductive Rights

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The relationship between social policies and women’s reproductive health has continuously become favorable for women. Historically, it can be attributed to individuals like Margaret Sanger that fought for favorable policies that ensure women’s reproductive health is just as important as any other social objective. The mandate of the individuals that make the social policies have continuously become aware of the fact that allowing more freedom and choice for women ensures that they live healthy reproductive life and reduces the risks regarding reproduction. In the current generation, the social policies have continuously become favorable for women since the vital nature of reproductive health have been realized.

Since the error of Margaret Sanger, the social policies have moved towards complementing women’s reproductive rights. During the struggle, the social policies in place did not allow women to consider family planning methods (Ely, & Dulmus, 2010, p. 660). They were illegal as for that time before women stood against them. Since then, the laws that have been revised have always been in favor of ensuring that women’s reproductive health is on the forefront. Women are free and allowed by law to consider family planning methods and safeguard their reproductive health. In fact, in most governmental hospitals and clinics, they encourage the use of contraceptives and safe methods. Therefore, the reproductive rights of women have become more favorable under a social policy (DiNitto, & Johnson, 2015, p. 66)).

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The government’s involvement in the reproductive rights of women was always for the good of women. Historically, as experienced in the NPR media piece, women were oppressed by laws that never allowed them to have control over their reproductive health. They were considered as tools for making babies (Baker, & Martin, 2012). From the interviews, more deaths of women have been caused by reproductive cases that they would have solved.

Therefore, since the responsibility of having children is left to women, the government should consider ensuring that women have total reproductive rights for them to live healthy lifestyles. The government needs to ensure safe reproductive health facilities and consider helping women to access contraceptives (Sen, & Batliwala, 2000, p. 5). It is no longer the era where women have no voice over their rights. In fact, their involvement in politics has continuously helped the situation by ensuring that the policies are more favorable to women.

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