Social Work Practice

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The potential benefits Talia Johnson will experience most likely from group therapy is empowerment, release of guilt, and as well as a sense of hope much as others have experienced through this type of therapy. Ms. Johnson has recently experienced her trauma, and the pain and experience are still fresh. This is why she feels so much guilt and pain in talking about it. With time, and much needed therapy, her feelings should subside and in turn be replaced. Many, if not all women feel uncomfortable speaking in front of groups about their experience. If it is absolutely unbearable, even after a couple of sessions, they may be a better candidate for individual therapy exclusively. With time, their feelings of fear, isolation, and discomfort should subside.

When studying the effectiveness of various therapy methods to sexual assault victims, “There were sessions effects, significant improvement, on all of the measures” (Resick, Jordan, Girelli, Hutter, Marhoefer, 1988). Group therapy works for a variet of resons. Individuals who have been affected by this type of attack often feel alone in their suffering. Knowing that others have experienced the same type of event, and understanding they are not alone, and they can in turn gain strength and empowerment is a significant step toward recovery. Women also do not always receive the support they need from the individuals they trust within their families. This is also why they need a support network from others who are not only supportive but also empathetic to a degree necessary for recovery.

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With effective leader facilitation, group members are able to interact constructively to build one another up, and work as sounding boards and support systems. Talia Johnson could benefit greatly from group therapy just as many others in her situation have. This, however, takes time and courage. Ms. Johnson should be encouraged to try group therapy for at a minimum three sessions in order to familiarize with the other members and gain a level of comfort before making up her mind.

  • Resick, P. A., Jordan, C. G., Girelli, S. A., Hutter, C. K., & Marhoefer-Dvorak, S. (1988). A comparative outcome study of behavioral group therapy for sexual assault victims. Behavior Therapy, 19(3), 385-401.

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