Step-by-Step Teaching and Learning

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In the second grade, children should already have a basic understanding of how to add and subtract. At this age, I think it is also necessary that they begin developing a sense of monetary value. To teach this, I believe that students should be assigned bags of assorted change. In order to measure their competency after a lesson, worksheets would be passed to the students for them to record the values.

In order to incorporate participation from the entire class, a lesson in counting different types of change could be conducted before passing around bags of change and worksheets. The only technology that would be necessary to make this possible would be an appropriate type of projector. A second teacher could be utilized by comparing certain coins with her own in front of the children.

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I will break students up into small groups, giving them a chance to count the bags of change that are passed around the classroom. This allows the students to come up with answers unanimously. In order to make sure that the educational needs of all students are met, I would assign students to groups of peers which may benefit them. For example, I would place students who are more gifted with students who might be struggling.

After they complete the worksheets, I might provide a small “store” of assorted snacks and toys that students can buy with petty change. Each student will receive the same monetary value of change. However, the types of coins that will passed out will vary between students. They will be given a “catalog” of what is in the “store.” This gives the children a chance to talk among their group of peers excitedly, applying what they just learned to the rewards that they will receive in their conversations. Students will be given time to create a plan of what they want to buy.

I will formally assess the competence of the students with the written assignments that I will pass out. I can also assess how well the material was learned based on how well they select items from the “store.” If they have trouble selecting items according to their budget, and do not interact much during the discussion preceding the worksheets, I will know that there is cause for concern.

With this lesson, I will be applying the multiple means of representation principle of learning. While all of the change that the children are receiving will be the same amount, the makeup of it will be different for each student. This will also provide them with means of action and expression, as they will get a chance to apply what they learned.

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