Strategy against Kavanaugh

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The appointment of the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh led to the allegations against the Democratic Party in the United States. One of the alternatives for the Supreme Court position could be the appointment of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who claimed the sexual allegations white Kavanaugh and Ford were both teenagers. At the same time, Democrats are not pursuing Dr. Ford as a strategy not to confirm Kavanaugh into office because she’s credible, there are other allegations against him and the Republicans don’t want an investigation. During the selection process, the debate further intensified as both sides held strong opinions about one of the most important selection process in the US history. The Democrats decides to alienate from the strategy of Dr. Ford, having other crucial arguments in support of their argumentation for the selection process.

The primary allegation that strengthened the debate on the selection to the Supreme Court related to the allegations of social misconduct. The sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh created lots of discomfort for the nominee when taking the position of the judge in the court. The American public divided their opinions about the candidate as the controversies embedded in the personal history of the candidate could later translate into the enforced decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States. Before entering into the job, Kavanaugh was forced to testify about raping a woman and assaulting a girlfriend in a bar some years ago.

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Albeit some media sources proved these allegations to be untrue, the testimony further influenced the repulation of Brett Kavanaugh. The strategy of the democrats was to further weaponize on the social misconduct and show the American public what the controversy could lead to. The Democrats, however, decided not to rely on the testaments despite that Dr. Ford was the individual who fit the integrity criteria. Besides the testimony of Christine Ford, the media revealed the information about other allegations against Kavanaugh. This was another power tool used by the Democrats to appeal against the appointment of Kavanaugh. For instance, the two other women – Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick also accused Kavanaugh of the sexual misconduct during high school and college years (Cranley, Mark, 2018). Democrats also relied on their testimonies when making the arguments against Brett Kavanaugh during the selection process. The more evidence of social misconduct there was against the potential appointee, the more attention the Democrats could gain to his personality.

As the allegations from three women were reviewed before the appointment procedure, the Democrats relied on the multiplier effect, hoping that the more significant amount of evidence will not result in the actual appointment of Kavanaugh. This was part of the equation why the argument of Dr. Ford was not used as a pure evidence against the candidate. “Republicans want to get Trump’s Supreme Court pick confirmed, but Democrats have long called for a delay in voting so the FBI can investigate the allegations.” (Cranley, Mark, 2018) Later, such strategy proved its inefficiency as the Supreme Court did not consider the delay as the strategy to proceed with the appointment of the candidate. Even though the Democrats relied on the more complex argumentation, they did not manage to reach extensive attention from the media and from the political sources to the personality of Brett Kavanaugh.

The allegations against Kavanaugh resembled in their content, as the three assault victims testified to the Committee. The credibility of Christine Ford was unquestionable. The Democrats also waited for the other two individuals to testify and clear the evidence. ‘Ramirez claims Mr. Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a drunken dormitory party at Yale University while third accuser Julie Swetnick says the judge was present during a gang rape’ (Stubley, 2018). Another reason why the Democrats did not rely on the pure evidence provided by Dr. Ford may be related to the recent #MeToo movement. They have approached the situation through politicizing women’s experience by the figure who would undertake some of the most important decisions in the country.

The reaction of Kavanaugh was somewhat unexpected as the judge simply called the allegations as outrageous. The Democratic party waited for a further review of the claims and hoped that the appointment would consider these allegations as a serious hurdle in the appointment to one of the highest judicial posts in the country.

It was evident that Republicans picked the strategy not to proceed with the investigation on Brett Kavanaugh. Throughout the investigation, the FBI noted the approach of the Democratic party. According to one of the FBI agents who revealed the evidence to the media sources, he was approached by democratic law-makers and was asked to proceed with the case longer. Usually, the FBI needs about seven months to investigate the cases with similar complexity. The investigation results will then come approximately in 2018. By relying on such strategy, the Democrats hoped that the discourse and allegations against Kavanaugh would further intensity and give them a chance to make a shift in the appointment of the Democratic candidate. The security investigation on the three victims of sexual assault would buy time for the Democrats to appoint their candidates.

To sum up, Democrats went beyond the testimony of Dr. Ford on the sexual misconduct. They were aware that Kavanaugh would face much severer charges if the FBI investigates the allegations of two other victims of the sexual assaults. They have selected the strategy to delay the investigation and ultimately appoint their pre-identified pick.

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