Students In Public Schools Should Wear Uniforms

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Schools exist not to merely provide instructions in different subject matters but also teach skills to survive and thrive later in the real world. Students usually enter school when they are barely making sense of the world and graduate from high school life just when they are about to enter the real world. As a result, high schools play an important role in developing an individual character and perspectives. This is why uniforms should be mandatory for students in public schools because it will enable schools provide more effective education to students.

Uniforms should be mandatory in public schools because they help build a sense of community. Uniforms remind students of their membership in a particular school community and when everyone is dressed alike, it promotes unity. Uniforms also help build stronger student communities because it is difficult for students to engage in segregation on the basis of social and economic class because rich students cannot differentiate themselves through better display of wealth in the form of designer clothes. Uniforms make sure everyone is seen as member of the same community.

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Uniforms should also be mandatory because they enable students to focus on more important things such as studying. Having school uniforms mean students never have to worry about as to what to wear to school and moreover, they do not waste their energy and time in trying to outdo others. Students go to school to learn and differentiate between important and trivial things and school uniforms help downplay the importance of material possessions.

Uniforms should also be mandatory because many students in public schools come from low income groups. Having uniforms doesn’t only save them from bullying from their fellow students from richer families and, thus, inferiority complex but also reduces financial burden on their parents who may also otherwise feel guilty of not providing their children with what others have. School uniforms mean parents with limited means can spend their resources on more important things like education rather than stuff which may be trendy among teens.
The opponents of school uniforms in public schools claim that uniforms constitute violation of speech because they prevent students from expressing themselves through dressing up in their own style (Wilde). This is a narrow perspective on uniform because freedom of speech is never absolute. Sometimes, the greater interest of the community justify limiting some form of expression. Uniforms are a norm in many professions such as military and healthcare and it doesn’t mean their freedom of speech is being curbed. Uniforms create sense of unity and also make it easier to recognize people of certain groups or organizations.

Uniforms should be made mandatory in public schools because of their tremendous benefits to both the students and their parents. Uniforms help lower students’ focus on materialism and instead teach them valuable skills such as team work, citizenship, and loyalty. Uniforms also help parents from low-income groups focus on more important things like education instead of worrying about children who may feel stressed due to peer pressure.

Uniforms are not only good for students and parents but also help schools spend their resources more efficiently. Instead of distracting themselves with rules like dress codes, school can focus more on useful activities like investing in education tools and helping students with their individual problems related to learning.

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