The Benefits of Technological Advances to the Society

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There is divided opinion on the benefits of technological advances and modern conveniences on the quality of life in modern society. While some people insist that technological advances have been beneficial and improved the quality of life, others argue that such advances have negative effects on the lives of people. I argue that while technological advances have both its advantages and disadvantages, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages and therefore, technological advancement is beneficial to the modern society.

Technological development has enabled the advancement in all industries and all areas of life. From travel, communications, education, agriculture, medical advancement to home appliances, technology has served to make life easier and better the world over. Industries have used technology to do things faster and more efficiently. Travel has been made easier as people are able to select from a variety of transportation options and travel across the globe easily. Communications technology means that distance is no longer a barrier to interaction and the transfer of information whether among families or businesses. Furthermore, computers and other educational gadgets have enhanced the quality and scope of education. The internet on its own represents a key advancement that has changed the global society in remarkable ways. Not only does it facilitate instant information access and transfer across the globe, facilitates communication, travel, education and research. The internet has impacted on and enhanced every industry. Geographical barriers in education and the quest for knowledge have been removed through internet-based education. Agricultural processes are now automated thereby reducing the manual burden on human beings. Biotechnology has been leveraged for health and agriculture in important ways. Agricultural productivity has been increased through biotechnological applications that advance crop and livestock growth, food processing and storage while eliminating factors that hinder productivity. Limited spaces can now be leveraged to achieve multiple levels in productivity that previously would have required huge dimensions of land resource use. Technology has therefore served to make agriculture more cost efficient. Thank to computers and other technologies, medical research, clinical diagnosis, surgical treatment and other medical supportive processes are now more efficient. Biotechnology has produced substances that promote health and wellness, even as technology continues to provide more opportunities for continued research in health and other fields of human endeavors.

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It is true that there have are several disadvantages associated with technological advancement. Pollution is an important concern today, spanning air, water and land pollution. The manufacturing and transportation sectors are a major source of pollution as they release an enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the air. Such gases in turn affect the global climate in ways that ultimately create climatic variations that are not beneficial to productivity and health. Furthermore, the high level of dependence on technology means that people are potentially losing jobs since computers can do more work at a time that several people put together. At the same time, any accidents involving computers have a destabilizing effect as the process for which they are used will be stalled until they problem is fixed. If the problem cannot be fixed, it might create bigger problems of extended delays and stalled productivity. Depending on technology for everyday activities means that people loose essential resilience and skill sets such as communication skills. Young people spend more time on the phone, playing video games and on the computer than in face to face interactions. Thus, they do not gain the interpersonal skills that are required to be successful in the workplace and in relationships. The society is currently seeing this manifest as dysfunctional families. The more advanced society becomes technologically, the more this dependence will increase, and people will simultaneously become less self-reliant.

There is no doubt that technological advancement carries important advantages and disadvantages. It may not be completely possible to eliminate the advantages; however, through awareness and discipline, structures can be put in place to address these negative impacts. Such structures can include parental involvement in controlling technology use among young people, social responsibility programs such as recycling, green energy use, environmental responsibilities at corporate levels, as well as the strategic creation of opportunities that keep people productively engaged. The benefits of technological advancements are critically important to human welfare and well-being, it is important to acknowledge this truth even as we explore ways to limit any negative ways associated with the phenomena.

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