Support through Strategic Communications

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Strategic communication is important in a company as it improves visibility and employee awareness. Other stakeholders such as customers and the management secure their support through a strong communication system. A company is able to fulfill its long and short-term goals by implementing the information collected during the communication process. In fact, a company becomes strategic when it measures its success not on the amount it spends outside in the community but in fulfilling its objectives. This paper gives a detailed description of how a company can use its strategic communication by applying business processes to achieve important objectives.

Technical assistance
Technical aid in a company is only achieved with a strong orientation to detail. A technical director is charged with ensuring that company development succeeds to the desired levels. Technical assistance therefore entails monitoring of a company’s resources especially those that will be used in the development process. In a manufacturing plant, technical assistance will involve aiding the engineering process or upgrading a company’s innovativeness. The officer offering technical assistance has to communicate a possible innovation of a company to the management. This helps a company to plan on how they will budget for that innovation up to its completion.

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Drafting documents
Companies have found it easier to communicate to their employees and clients through the documentation process. For example, internal company information is recorded in memos or letters. Company secretaries are required to write minutes during company meetings. These minutes contain information that shows the strategic progress of a company. Documents also act as evidences that help in approving of important activities that a company wants to perform. A company can only evaluate itself based on recorded information. Evaluation is the process of measuring the success of fulfilling company objectives. Through drafting documents, the company will report its findings accurately.

Performing analysis
Analysis involves looking at the relationship between patterns and relationships. Businesses perform analysis when they are in need to coordinate or match various activities. Companies will analyze financial data so as to look at the profits and loss margins. It is through performing analysis that a company can synchronize information. For example a software engineering company has to synchronize programs so that they can work on two or more computers at the same time. Analysis will help the company to identify how the processes link together or what devices are lacking. For example, performing SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis helps to evaluate the marketing plan of a company.

Coordinating and attending meetings and conferences
Coordinating meetings such as workshops and other training programs is an important procedure is actualizing company success. It is through meetings and conferences that a company gets to communicate its strategic agenda to its employees. Conferences help shareholders to evaluate the success of the company in terms of achieving objectives. Company meetings give employees a chance to meet with the management and discuss the way forward for the company. Managers find it easier and effective to communicate directly to their staff during meetings and conferences. Coordination of meetings thus becomes a major instrument that improves the strategic planning of a company’s agenda.

Tracking actions
Accountability and transparency is maintained by tracking actions in a company. The actions include follow-up processes, formulation of action plans and checking timelines. Identification of companies in real-time is another process that helps to track the company’s procedures. For example, it is imperative to audit a company’s financial data on a periodic basis to enable a company to ascertain if it is making profits or losses. Auditing is a tracking action that promotes development. The company will not develop if it does not monitor its spending power. Through strategic communication, the company will set aside time and resources to enable tracking and monitoring.

Analyzing and developing communications plans, Communication plans help a company to identify future prospects for business involvement. A communication plan consists of information to be shared to stakeholders. The communication plan is the root of achieving integration. The plan focuses on staff members, management, industry players (competitors) and even volunteers. The plan integrates the desires of all these groups and links them to the values and procedures of the company. For example, the company will formulate a plan to reach out to a community through corporate responsibilities. These responsibilities include sports, community projects and others.

Training activities such as workshops, internships, apprenticeship and on-site training are vital processes that imbue people with skills. A company will communicate its procedures effectively through training programs. This is where employees practice development that is the goal of every company. Not only do employees develop the company but they develop talents as well. It will be better for the company to train its employees than depend on other people to train them.

Organizational process reengineering
The process of rethinking and reestablishing organizational processes is called process engineering. In this process, a company breaks down the processes that exist. This process enables a company to evaluate the efficiency levels of the company. This evaluation takes into consideration the costs and productivity levels of a company. Process reengineering helps a company to also monitor on all its phases of production. Process engineering also requires technical use of information technology. Strategic communication requires appropriate knowledge in information systems.

Business process improvement
Companies use business process improvement (BPI) to help in evaluation and synchronization of company processes. For example, an electrical company will find it easier to use BPI in evaluation of its electricity producing generators. After evaluation, the company may decide to synchronize two generators from different locations so that they will increase power production. BPI is also common when integrating various factors of production. Through strategic communication, a company will improve its rate of doing business. For instance, it can increase the frequency of transporting raw materials and labor to its premises while reducing the number of laborers.

Companies focus on consultancy as a way to improve their business orientation. Consultation is a process that defines the best way forward for a company. It takes into consideration, the amount of resources at the disposal of a company including time and money. The company can support development by seeking consultancy advice. Financial consultation is best recommended when a company wants to exploit a new venture or invest in another business. Monitoring is also achieved through consultation. The company may also decide to hire an external consultant to measure employee satisfaction at the company. Consultation brings out areas of improvement as well as recommending on effective steps of action.

Access to manpower to augment operations
Strategic communication helps a company to integrate various sources of manpower so that it can augment or increase its operations. The company may find it easier to combine several departments so that they can complete a particular duty in real time. For example, a company may integrate the services of information technology experts with health and safety staff so as to develop a health information system. This technology requires information from another department. Instead of consultation, the two departments may perform better by partnering and working together in the entire process. Strategic communication helps a company to plan for future prospects that may require more staff to work on a particular project.

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