Technology to improve the level of Listening and Speaking of English Language in a Female Primary School in Saudi Arabia

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As noted, the English language is the most widely used language for communication purposes in the world. Technology increases this usage by providing ways to link the world together. Furthermore, technology provides ways for interested people to learn the language. Since education is widely supported in Saudi Arabia, technology supporting the use of the English language is widely supported as well. However, many students are not as supportive of the policy requiring English to be taught in primary schools. This is especially true in places where English is not the primary language. Thus, these students have the disadvantage of lack of opportunity to practice outside of school. As a result, by exploring the use of technology for teaching purposes, especially for teaching the English language, is beneficial for all involved in education. Furthermore, it is hopeful that the study will encourage self-learning by students, enabling them to become independent and learn how to become self-sufficient. This also allows students to become responsible for their education. This is important because it teaches students to be self-reliant.

The study effectively developed areas regarding the provision for new learning tools designed to improve student’s abilities to learn the English language. Furthermore, the study provided ways to exploit the ability of students to self-learn material. The study also provided ways to provide female Saudi Arabian students the ability to learn English through technological tools. This was done through considering the theories of Krashen and second language acquisition. Although this partially meets the needs of the study, it does not provide consideration for the inclusion of technology within the learning facility. Therefore, it would be beneficial to include theories related to the inclusion of technology. Even better, theories related to learning and self-learning, in particular, would be beneficial to meeting the aims of the study, as well as answering the research questions. As a result, tying together the topics of technology and second language acquisition utilizing components of more than one theory would allow for a stronger study. This would also allow for information to be considered in a variety of manners.

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The study was limited to female students only. Although providing education to female Saudi Arabian students is difficult, this study would be more effectively addressed in a universal way. This would be completed by considering both genders. This allows for the fair opportunity to determine the effectiveness of both self-learning through technology and the benefit of second language acquisition. However, in contrast, it is understood how disadvantaged Saudi Arabian female students may have greater needs than their male counterparts. Since a pre- and post-test was performed, it shows how the changes have occurred throughout the course of the experiment. However, a test midway through the experiment may be beneficial to show interested parties the rate of learning that the student experiences. This may help future studies adapt to difficulties within the study and the various needs of students, as well as the various rates of learning. In this way, educators can adapt specific programmes to meet the needs of various students, as well as address any problem areas before they become too expansive. This enables the educator to see trends where deficiencies may appear in the learning process of the English language.

There were numerous issues associated with the study. For instance, the study could only be completed with students approximately 12 years old. This was due to the lack of technology at younger ages. Interviews were conducted with students and teachers alike. However, student interviews were conducted with those that improved their scores the most or not at all, whereas teacher interviews were based on consent. The technology used was used on one gender to prevent gender differences in results. This was to prevent contamination of the results considering that many females had fewer advantages than male counterparts. Although this made sense, it also made sense to include a group of just male students. This would allow for a more accurate representation of the learning capabilities of the students, as well as the effectiveness of the programme. As a result of this inclusion, teachers would be able to develop programmes that would benefit both genders in second language acquisition. Finally, the test group should be larger. By only having 20 subjects for each group, it limits the scope of the study. This can be improved by expanding the group basis.

The methodology could be refined to include a test midway through the study. This could be beneficial in measuring the rate of learning for the students. As a result, teachers would be able to see where problem areas are located in terms of second language acquisition. It also may be beneficial for the study to include more interviews. By obtaining 3 interviews out of 40 students, there is not an accurate representation of the experience of the students. Rather, it would be more beneficial for the qualitative data if all students had been interviewed. This could have been completed in the form of a survey or questionnaire. This would allow students to be candid about their experiences and their expectations in terms of the education received within the second language acquisition process.

It is recommended that future studies be performed to show second language acquisition activities. For instance, these can show the mechanisms available for future students. This is because by expanding on the current study, other researchers may develop studies that are localized to the specific problem areas. These can be broken down into steps to see exactly why these problem areas occur and how to improve them. As a result, future studies could hold the key to meeting the needs of all students in a comprehensive manner. Furthermore, future studies could allow technology to become more advanced in terms of meeting expectations and needs of students and teachers alike. Thus, it is recommended that second language acquisition and the effects of technology continue to be investigated.

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