Terrorist Organization

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A terrorist is usually founded by a few people who get more people in on their organization. Many terrorists raise money for their organization via interesting ways. For instance, after the World Trade Center collapse during 9/11, the United States federal investigators and agents heard that a Yemeni sheik was trying to collect funds in Brooklyn, New York to finance the al-Qaeda operation. This man made the mistake of bragging about his funds in conversations that were recorded. He said that he had raised about $20 million for the now deceased Osama bin Laden .

Raising cash was the only way that the sheik would not leave a paper trail. Yet, handling cash can be tough, due to the heavy weight of it. This is what ended up making it easier for the American federal agents to hone in the terrorist and arrest him. Not able to wire the money the without alerting the government, the sheik tried to transfer the money in some cargo. The federal agents intercepted the sheik and another man at Kennedy Airport in October 2001. They found what they were looking for in some cardboard boxes in the amount of $140,000 in bills that were disguised among jars of honey. This Yemen honey business had been utilized as a cover for terroristic money going to America . Terrorist groups often prefer to raise funds in locations that are outside of their usual location and not where a terrorist attack is slated to take place. Money is moved to areas of operation to keep carrying out acts of terrorism.

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Within the past few years, the terrorist group ISIS has been a major issue in which to contend. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, known as ISIS, is a universal terrorist group that has some main goals: to make an Islamic state crosswise over Sunni zones of Iraq and in Syria. Many individuals regard ISIS to be the new Al-Qaeda, ISIS having picked up in power and numbers inside the most recent couple of years. At the point when American military left Iraq in 2006, Americans authorities who were squelching ISIS likewise left the zone, which made ISIS regroup, rebuild itself, and eventually gain power again. ISIS people are usually radical Muslims, who feel that killing and ending up dead themselves in the name of terrorism is an honor to God.

Shockingly, many individuals and radical fanatics, just like the case with ISIS, disapprove of the United States and their political perspectives. ISIS devotees are killing innocent people to accomplish their objective of spreading Islam. These terrorists are taking people prisoner from various countries, including Americans, and asking high stakes payments to countries’ government officials, as they request huge sums of cash and termination of certain political practices (Lister, 2014).

Individuals who have availability of television and different types of broad communications have been presented with the gruesome pictures and activities that ISIS has perpetuated upon innocent people. For months, the World News showed captured columnists helpless before ISIS. Many were forced into making a video, which indicated ISIS requesting cash, an arrival of their kin, or a change in political approaches so that the columnists would not be slaughtered. Most of the nations’ leaders have not given into these compelling requests. Several journalists have been executed ISIS heads, some of these killings caught on film.

Nonetheless, one range of concern is how ISIS selection representatives have possessed the capacity to invade online chat rooms and other websites, keeping in mind the end goal to enroll United States natives in ISIS. When terrorist organizations begin to work from within a country, like the case with Al-Qaeda terrorists who lived in Lackawanna, New York, ceasing domestic terrorism gets much harder. After 9/11, The USA Patriot Act was made to help end terrorism. This law was a main consideration in eviscerating a few al Qaeda terrorist operations, for example, the al Qaeda operation found in Lackawanna. Luckily, numerous federal agencies worked together to help capture six men involved in terrorist plots. Five males were found guilty of charges, which resulted in ten years of prison time (The United States Department of Justice, 2004).

What has made ISIS much harder to annihilate is the number of individuals that have been joining ISIS from various nations, the web assuming a part in urging individuals to join ISIS. In October 2014, three young ladies from Colorado were discovered by the American government for attempting to join ISIS. This incident pushed the FBI to lead more research and to concentrate more on endeavors to find online selection representatives who attempt to cajole youthful Americans into becoming ISIS members. One way that ISIS members do this is by offering maps and directions to Syria. Unfortunately, ISIS online enrollment specialists are hard to track, which makes it hard to get rid of domestic terrorism (Perez, Brown, and Ellis, 2014).

Because of difficulty in tracking down ISIS selection representatives, the United States may need to find an alternate method, such as examining research on why individuals choose to align with these terrorist groups. Becoming aware of the main social, psychological, political, and spiritual variables are important to foil individuals from joining ISIS. A study on 60 past terrorists showed that individuals more open to the idea of being a terrorist showed similar qualities, for example, anger, feeling alienated from people, and unrest. They also lacked faith in their governments to make good changes. Terrorist members also identify with people who have been treated unjustly (DeAngelis, 2009).

People who feel isolated are also more likely to join a terrorist group. When these individuals get secluded from family and friends, their thoughts can run wild with violence. Once these potential domestic terrorists perceive that they think uniquely in contrast to different individuals from society, they confine themselves much more, particularly when family and companions question their perspectives on society and brutality. Dangerous thoughts and arrangements to authorize savagery begin, as they oppose more levelheaded people views. This confinement stage is the point at which the potential terrorist is most deadly. (Navarro, 2009).

As you can see, terrorism is a danger that we face every day, as ISIS gains in power. Funding is often through cash that is transported to different locations where the terrorism does not take place. ISIS members are recruited through online methods, such as chat rooms and websites. People who tend to want to belong and feel a sense of purpose often join terrorist groups. They tend to be more violent and feel that they cannot trust the government. The government needs or continue to do more to stop terrorism.

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