The Earth Charter

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The Earth and land we have been given in this life is a valuable asset that is taken for granted everyday. According to the book titled ‘The Earth Charter’ A Study Book of Reflection for Action written by Elisabeth M. Ferrero and Joe Holland there is many things that can be done and must be acted upon in order to save this planet. The ‘Earth Charter’ is exclusivity meant to provide a guide on what actions must happen in order to respect human life as well as the natural life of this planet. We are cohabiting with many living plants and creatures. There is a way the authors argue to live happily without harming the increasingly damaged Earth. The concepts brought in the book not only show that the earth cannot continue with so much strain being placed upon it for much longer but also how to treat the planet better and live an improved life.

The first and most important idea the authors suggest in this book is allow about the concept of respect. We as human beings must show compassion at all times and respect the differences of other people. No matter what they may be. When we can take care of each other it teaches us how to take care of our environments as well. This will improve the quality of life and the lands. The second idea the authors illuminate for readers is the understanding that every living animal and creature not matter how big or small has a define purpose. We should not as human beings view this as less. Humans as a species needs to understand that all other species like us do serve a purpose. I think this is very true and agree with the authors sentiments on these concepts. I think it is crucial that we show empathy, compassion, gratefulness, and especially respect for all things especially our planet. These ideas are important I believe in order to lead society into a better existence.

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The other ideas the authors illustrate in ‘Earth Charter’ center around having a just and democratic world. We deserves the liberty of freedom and we all must have it in order to achieve a functioning peaceful society. This is greatly rooted to another idea that the author introduces as important to retraining and protecting our world. We must ensure that our communities and children are being taught values and tradition. It is up to us to prepare the future generations and educate them on how to be healthy, caring, and happy adults. This all leads to a more respectful way of living. Society has a duty to set up the foundations and support that will lead to a more prosperous planet.

The authors are absolutely correct that a more stable world comes from a free democratic society that allows peace. I agree that a world in which all rights to life and our basic needs are automatically ensured will always be the way it should be. This leaves the doors open for responsibility. The world just encourage equality in all aspects of live; furthermore, economic and social fairness is imperative for this. A prospering world is one in which all people can live to their absolute maximum potential.

One of the bigger concepts of the book ‘The Earth Charter’ A Study Book of Reflection for Action is illustrated as top priority. The Earth to our advantage is so full of natural resources that we use daily in order to improve civilization; however, it is not unlimited. We need to conserve and act responsibly with the resources the earth has blessed society with; moreover, it is our duty to leave a good world for the next generation. Our children need to be taught how to preserve our resources and take care of the planet. I think this is the only way to ensure that the world is better of and improved. Growth and prosperity should benefit everything from humans, animals, and the earth. There is nothing more important.

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