The Liberation of a Friend

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Love is described as an act characterized by profound tenderness and affection (Oxford American Dictionary, 2000). An individual who is in love to another has a personal attachment and a lot of affection to the person. I have gone through various experiences that have tested my personality and my ability to take very difficult decisions and portray love. However, most of these situations have assisted to grow psychologically and have exposed to various people from various cultures and of various sociocultural backgrounds. My integrity and generosity were very critical in assisting me overcome the situations and towards developing the love. The situations have also rested my relationship with my friends. The paper portrays Love as an intimate feeling that is voluntary and it is manifested in different attitudes, states and feelings.

In a previous encounter, I experienced one of the most memorable moments in my life. The experience came when I was undertaking my classes in school. During this time, I was staying at home while my best friend was staying at the students’ accommodation. We used to part ways in the evening in order for me to go back home as he found his way to the students’ residence halls. In the first month of our stay, everything seemed good, and we did not encounter serious problems except a few cultural challenges. After two months of our stay in the college, I received a voice mail from my friend telling me that he was in serious trouble. He had been arrested by police officers and taken to the station and kept in custody. I rushed to the police stations station because I could not make the inquiries over the phone. I knew my friend as one of the humblest people on the earth ho could not offend anybody or commit any crime that could lead to an arrest. Getting to the police stations, I was told that my friend was arrested because he was accused of attempting to rape a foreign girl.
The following morning, the police officers took him to the law courts in order to face justice. I sympathized with my friend because of this situation. The judge said that he could not set him free unless he paid a financial guarantee of 3500 dollars. My friend did not have that money.

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Consequently, he was put in the jail while he waited for the police officers to continue with investigations. I went and looked for the money because of the love and sympathy I had for my friends and paid the bond at 5 pm. I was stressed about the whole experience because I knew my friend was innocent. The process of releasing him took longer and it could not be completed on that day. I could not sleep that night because I could not get peace in my mind. The following day, he called very early and informed that the police had released him. After three months, the judge discovered that my friend was innocent, and the lady was lying. When that lady was asked about the reason for lying, she said that she liked my friend and she did not want him to ignore her.

In conclusion, the situation is typical situations that exhibits the application of love to a friend (Oxford American Dictionary, 2000). This is because the special passion and attachment that I had to my friend could not allow me to ignore his situation. I did not have a piece of mind until I propagated the freedom of my friend. The love that IU have for my friend is priceless and cannot be shaken by fear. Therefore, it is evident that love engages an individual emotional and social engagements with a lot of passion.

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