The Role of Gang Injunction Policy in Decreasing Gang Related Crime Rates

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The purpose of this paper is to satisfy five specific chapters of focus. Chapter one is Oakland and Oxnard, Particularly their demographic formation and economic situation. “The economic and political climate has provided cities with opportunity and incentive to use Network resources and their comprehensive plans” (Wolf, 2012). The second chapter focuses on the research which will veer towards investigating gang activities in the cities of Oakland and Oxnard. The growing gang related issues are only increasing. “’We are not going to arrest our way out of this problem,’ said Oxnard Mayor Thomas Holden. ‘Without prevention and intervention, it’s not going to work’” (Karpman & Johnson, 2013). Investigating gang activities will aid in determining if the gang injunction policy is an effective prevention.

Part three is about gangs in the two cities and their confrontation with law. Public safety “Recognizes that cities and counties that have a proven commitment to comprehensive planning, implementation and data sharing involving key regional stakeholders could better fund their gang violence prevention strategies if given more flexibility with their existing resources” (Ammiano, 2010). Chapter four will discuss the legal implication and implementation of gang injunction. Lastly, chapter five will contain the conclusion of this study, where I will bring the final result.

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By comparing conflicting pieces of quantitative evidence, this thesis will aspire to determine the actual effects of injunctions on crime rates, the confrontation of laws, legal implementation of gang injunction, while weighing the benefits of this professed measure in association with its unintended negative effects.

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