The Secret History of Wonder Woman

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William Marston was independently advocating for the rights of women. He was fully convinced that the world was in a desperate need to be ruled by women. At an early age of eighteen, Marston was championing for the rights of women at a time there was a revolution inciting women to pursue ventures of political aspirations and the need for social equality. The most admiration that Marston got was the creation of Wonder Woman, who represented a strong character and will, which was undiluted by man’s influence.

Marston was a man of a particular preference when it came to women. He was more drawn to independent and strong women. He was pro love and this led him to have two wives .His wife Elizabeth was well educated and was practically providing for the family. He also loved women who were capable of handling their own like Byrne who could take care of both hr children and Elizabeth’s and also as a writer in Family Circle magazine.

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Many of his comics are characterized by theme of bondage. He uses it to symbolize the way the women rights are restrained and how their freedom has no voice or will. The objective of using this them was to pass on a message that there was a desperate need for change and that the society should harness elements of love for one another. The bondage scenes, however, were received with criticisms. The ideas were perceived as erotic and form of submission that was not appropriate to the readers especially the children who were the majority.

Wonder woman was a symbol of strength and dominance over men. Her character and persona was inspired from the two women Marston married. Elizabeth was a feminist whose passion for classical poetry led to the creation of Wonder Woman love for Suffering Sappho. Also, Byrne was another inspiration to the creation of wonder Woman. She always wore bracelets the she used to profess her love for Marston. Marston used Wonder Woman bracelets to be repellant to any bullets that came her way.

Wonder Woman was brought in as a different character in the 1968. She lost her power during this age of comics and she rather chose to recede into the man’s world instead of her land of her lineage. At her stay in the man’s world, she changes her outfits and gets comfortable to the fashion that prevailed and also engaged in other activities like the martial art. She later on gains her powers back but also she is more involved in various occupations like being a secretary and a singer. In the early 1985, she is given ability to fly which initially was deemed that she had an invisible jet. After many years, in 2011 DC revived a relationship between superman and wonder woman, which was well received.

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