The Texas Republican and Democratic Parties

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The Texas Republican Party (TRP) believes that government should have a somewhat limited role in United States citizens’ affairs. Being self-sufficient and able to provide for oneself and family and personal responsibility are key ideas and principles that this party adheres to. The party opposes socialism. In terms of social responsibility, the TRP has views that seem to go against social responsibility, such as supporting limited time welfare, such as food stamps, in times of crisis. The TRP believes that Medicaid should just be used during emergencies and should not be long term. The TRP does not support the LGBTQ population and same-sex marriage. The party supports psychological treatments that are harmful, such as conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a type of therapy that aims to “convert” gay people to the heterosexual orientation. However, much research shows that conversion does not work and is harmful to gay teenagers. It can cause gay people to feel shame and even resort to suicide. This party also supports border control.

The Texas Democratic Party supports working families and the middle class. Issues such as Social Security, voting and gender rights, equality, immigration reform, and the rights of veterans are supported. The TDP supports same-sex marriage and feels that everyone has the right to marry. This party also advocates for other groups, such as Spanish people and African Americans. This group was against the DOMA and DADT. Texas Democrats believe in abortion rights and that the environment should be saved and taken care of well.

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I feel that the parties are more different than similar. While both parties believe in personal responsibility and self-sufficiency and that children’s rights should be safeguarded and that all youth have a right to a quality education, there are many other differences. The first one is that the TRP are quite conservative and believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. Gay rights are not supported, but conversion therapy is. On the contrary, The TDP has banned this type of psychological treatment for the LGBTQ community. Texas Democrats support the Equality Act and feel that the transgender population should have support, use the restroom of their choice, and have gender re-assignment surgery funded with Medicaid. This is something that the TRP opposes.

While the TRP does not believe that social programs such as Medicaid and welfare should be long term solutions, Texas Democrats support Medicaid Expansion and affordable health care that is funded by the government. The TDP wants to safeguard the environment, while the TRP is in favor of the Keystone Pipeline, which can harm the environment. The TDP supports a $15 per hour minimum wage, but the TRP feels that there should not be any type of minimum wage legislation. A woman’s right to choose is part of the TDP platform, while the TRP opposes Roe Versus Wade and abortion funding.

The fact that the TRP supports the death penalty seems to violate the TRP being pro-life in terms of abortion. How does one life take precedence over another? In terms of environment, the TRP contradicts itself. It supports alternative energy sources, but also supports fracking, which can damage people’s drinking water. LGBTQ rights is another area where contradictions are present. The TRP states that it wants equality for all, but does not believe in same-sex marriage.

In some ways, The TDP feeling that the government should provide health care and that Medicaid and welfare should be expanded conflicts with the idea that one should exercise more personal responsibility for one’s life. If the government spend $100 billion more on Medicaid and healthcare, this reduces an individual’s personal responsibility. THE TDP supports abortion, but not the death penalty, which is a conflict. The TDP supports religious freedom but wants separation of church and state.

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