Three Groups Of Students

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When one attends an institution of higher learning, one is exposed to a few different types of students. Some students seem to be on task all the time, and are considered over-achievers. These students get high grades and are referred to as exceptional students. Other types of students seem to be mildly interested in their schoolwork, and produce acceptable mid-range grades. These students are referred to as average students. And lastly, some students are completely dismissive of their education, and perform poorly when they perform at all. These students receive failing grades, and are considered to be below average students. Therefore, students can be divided into three groups based on their grades: exceptional, average, and below average.

Exceptional students get great grades. They produce mostly A’s and some B’s. They are on task all the time. These students are happy to be in class, and they actually enjoy their work. Sometimes these students will be called “Teacher’s Pet,” or a “suck-up,” but actually, these types of students are just doing what they love: being students! The exceptional student is the student who aims to graduate from prestigious schools, such as Harvard or Yale. These students have high SAT scores, and have committed themselves to school throughout high school and college. Therefore, an exceptional student is known from their enthusiasm for their classes and their high marks that they earn in these classes.

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Average students get acceptable mid-range grades. These students usually produce C’s, a few B’s and possible a few D’s. The average student is not necessarily unhappy in class, but is sometimes easily distracted because school is not always that interesting to them. These are usually the students who are in the cool crowd, they are focused on their peers instead of their teacher. The average student aims to get grades that will be enough to please their parents, or to continue financial aid. The average student usually does not have ambitions plans to go to Ivy League universities. Average students sometimes have high SAT scores, but if so, it is possibly a fluke because the average student would not invest a lot of time into studying. Therefore, average students can be known for meeting the bare minimum expectations in their classes.

Below average students are the ones who receive failing grades. These students produce mostly D’s and F’s. The below average student is unhappy in class, and will usually be a disruption of some sort because of their unhappiness. These students are sometimes considered cool by their peers because of their antics, but often these students are bullies, or anti-social, making them uncool with their peers. The below average student definitely does not want to go to any type of Ivy League schools, and in fact, the below average student wants out of school as quickly as possible. Below average students have low SAT scores, unless like their average peers there is some sort of miraculous fluke that they get a high score. Below average students can be recognized because they are the ones who do not care about the expectations of their classes, and do not care to produce high grades.

In conclusion, one can classify students into three categories based on the grades that they earn. Exceptional students have high grades that are aimed at college. Average students may or may not have good grades, and may or may not want to go to college. A below average student has poor grades, and does not want to go to college. When one attends college, one should honestly acknowledge which category of student they are in order to assess their goals.

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