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General Purpose: To establish whether people take healthy food or opt for junk food instead
Specific Purpose: To establish people’s patterns in taking junk food and their thoughts on getting nutritionists to assist them develop a nutrition program.

Eating habits
Eating habits relate to the way someone takes food. Moreover, it relates to the kind of food that people take.
One takes a certain kind of food depending on their eating habits, availability of the food, and the tradition of a given kind of people (Samuelson 7).
One has the right to dictate the kind of food one takes. Whether junk or healthy food, the kind of food that one takes has an effect on their health.
Eating habits directly relate to the lifestyle that a person exercises.
Healthy food
Healthy foods include foods that are not processed and are nutritionally rich foods.
Eating healthy food promotes good health as well as increasing energy to the eater.
Junk food
Junk food is processed and fatty foods that have sugars and additives added to them.
Junk food is common in the United States due its availability and cheap prices.
Despite the fare prices that are attributed to junk food, a person taking junk food is likely to suffer from lifestyle diseases. Transition: Junk food is common in the United States; however, people have the option of taking healthy food to live healthier lives.

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Junk food
There are various reasons that lead people to take junk food. People take junk food because:
It is addictive and therefore when one makes a habit of taking the food, they are likely to get addicted to the food. The food contains additives and preservatives that change the brain function therefore leading to addition.
From the survey is it is clear that out of the 11 people interviewed, eight of them take junk often. Moreover, one is likely to take junk food due to its availability. There are neighborhoods where junk food is more available than healthy food (Lewis 34). For instance, inmost poor neighborhoods, fast food joints are common at a cheap price. Neighborhoods where there is lack of healthy food stores are known as food deserts and they are common in poor neighborhoods.
Effects of taking junk food
Despite the fact that over half of the people interviewed did not think that junk food is harmful, People who takes junk food are likely to become obese due to the many fats and sugars in the junk food.
From the research, it is clear that only 1 person seeks nutritionist’s help to with a nutritional program. However, eating junk food can lead to contraction of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Many people die prenatally due to lifestyle diseases and slowed activities. Over 80% of diabetes patients in the United States contract the condition due to eating junk food (Schaefer 22)

Transition: The consumption of junk food is very common among Americans and despite its many negative effects; many still choose to take junk food.
Healthy food
Healthy food includes foods that are naturally grown and are unprocessed. People take healthy food to :-
Reduce diseases by building a person’s immunity, therefore preventing the contraction of diseases. For instance, vitamins are essential in strengthening one’s immunity from diseases and thus as one takes more healthy food, they are likely to suffer less from chronical or bacterial infections. Moreover, people take healthy food in a bid to reverse their existing conditions. For instance, obese people should switch from taking junk food to healthy food and together with other lifestyle changes such as physical exercises; one is able to lose weight (Story et al. 269).
Eating healthy food can also help one to remain young for longer by increasing one’s energy levels and keeping essential organs such as the heart active for longer (Samuelson 43).
One can access healthy food by:
Buying from health and general stores in the country. Stores such as Walmart sell healthy food that one can buy and cook at home. Moreover, one can buy healthy food in restaurants where it is cooked and eat out.
In order to bring the cost of accessing healthy foods down, one can grow healthy vegetables on their balconies or on their kitchen gardens (Wexler and Manar 13). Furthermore, one can choose to cook the food to cut costs and to ensure that he or she is able to monitor the type of spices that one uses.

Transition: Taking healthy food can be promoted by one changing their lifestyle and one can grow some of the food to ensure that he or she transitions to a healthier lifestyle.
How to switch to healthy food from eating junk
Lifestyle changes
One should make lifestyle changes in a bid to switch from eating junk food to healthy foods. One can switch from eating junk food by visiting healthy foods joints and keeping at it.
Moreover, the switch from junk to healthy food can be made by preparing healthy meals in advance (Wexler and Manar 20). For instance, one can prepare all vegetables to be used in a given week and store up in the fridge to ensure that he or she will maintain the healthy lifestyle.
Medical help
Besides changing one’s lifestyle, one can switch from junk food to healthy food by engaging medical experts. Nutritionist can be of great help by examining ones health condition and recommending the best foods and coming up with a nutrition plan (Walker et al. 880).
Moreover, medical probationers can help a person switch from junk food to healthy food by prescribing medication that can help one to switch from junk addiction to healthy eating. However, the medication used to aid in reduction of junk addiction can only be used in extreme cases where a patient is suffering from several medical conditions and therefore needs urgent help.

Transition: Despite the number of years that one has taken junk food, it is notable that a transition from junk food to healthy food is possible through the necessary nutritional changes and medical changes.

In conclusion, it is clear that many people do not take healthy food especially in poor neighborhoods where junk food is cheap and available. However, there is the need to take healthy food and to make it a lifestyle.
One should take healthy food to minimize diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Moreover, when one takes healthy food, he or she can live a healthier life for longer.
In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle one can avoid junk food by planning and preparing healthy food before the week starts. Moreover, one can result in engaging medical practitioners like nutritionists who can offer advice on the best foods one can take.
Stakeholders in the medical sector can promote healthy foods by giving patients free advice on importance of taking healthy food.
In the future, it is important to carry out detailed researches on the importance of healthy food. Moreover, the government should conduct campaigns of educating people on the importance of taking healthy food to prevent diseases.

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