Treating Political Refugees, Terrorism, Natural Disasters

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Addressing the issue of treating political refugees is different from working with immigrants. As the world system for protecting refugees seems to be broken, people are forced to leave their homes and seek a better life elsewhere. Unlike the immigrants, the refugees do not undertake a decision to go the areas of their placement. However, such external factors as wars, civil conflicts, military interventions and the lack of resources make them flee their countries. Specifically, political refugees are forced to leave their homes for the persecution of the freedom of speech.

When the refugees land into the new localities, the primary issue they face is the lack of integration with the local community. Moreover, the complication with the political prisoners may result in the hunt for these individuals in their new areas of residence. The diplomatic services of the new countries should provide all necessary protection to ensure that the political refugees will not face persecution and will be protected by the international law. The integration with the community followed by the great courses on inclusion in the new country should be part of the treatment, too. If the political prisoners quickly integrate into their new homes, they will bring the economic benefits to the areas of their residence.

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Another pertinent issue in addressing the immigration issues is the work with refugees coming due to terrorist attacks in their countries. Most of the newcomers require special treatment, as they come in the aftermath of the security conflicts. One of the most critical ways for such refugees is to ensure their safety. In addition to that, the psychological work and a constant assessment of their adaptation should be conducted, too. Moreover, the refugees may face the similar issues of integration and assimilation to the new communities. It is thus essential to provide the language assistance and create the opportunities for the economic integration in the country. The trauma may also lead to the sense of non-belonging – such individuals may question their choices, may risk having psychological disorders and start questioning the reality. In the families arrive facing the issues of psychological disorder, it is essential to work for every family member to ensure that the sense of security prevails. The only significant difference of working with the refugees fleeing from terrorism is that they are persecuted due to security reasons, unlike the freedom of speech being at stakes.

The natural disasters also have huge implications on immigration situation these days. One of the main features of the natural disasters is that people have little control over the situation. They are uncontrollable and require a lot of resources to prevent the consequences. The international organizations frequently contribute to the prevention of the natural disasters with the food supply and resources. The absence of water also characterizes the conditions of facing the natural disaster.

As for the immigration, the natural disasters do not comprise the largest reason for fleeing the countries on the international scale. Instead, people prefer a relocation to the neighboring areas so they can feel attached to their homes again. The trauma factor in the instances of the natural disaster is frequently linked to the property loss. People may feel the consequences of losing everything they have been building for before.

Moreover, the psychological trauma and the need for community work serves another reason for feeling the loss. The humanitarian and psychological assistance can help address these issues and prevent from the increased implications in the large-scale immigration. The more international aid there will be, the lessness needs for relocations these people will face.

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