Triangular Theory of Love

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Organization: Currently, there is a dramatic increase of marriage divorce for newly wedded couples. It is, therefore, necessary to the churches and counselor to come together as a team. Through this, it will be easy to conduct seminars and workshops to advise couples who are in a relationship leading to marriage.

Audience Analysis: When individuals are at the age of 21 to 28 years they often get attracted to their opposite sex. During this time, the fall in love and enter into the relationship leading to marriage. As a counselor, I believe that, it is necessary to advise such people on matters regarding what love is and the best way to understand the other in all situation. Additionally, even individuals already in the marriage should also counsel and be taught of the ways to make their love strong.

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Topic: Marriage breakage is the major problem in our society. This is often witnessed in newly wedded couples who consider themselves a new generation group. This is a clear indication of poor understanding of love and intimate relationship. Therefore, there is a need for such individuals to be taught on what love is and how it is achieved.

Rhetoric Purpose: To inform my audience about marriage divorce among the young generation is a reality and to persuade them that church and counseling centers have a role to play in counseling and advising couples who are in a serious relationship leading to marriage. This will help such couples what love is and the role of each one. This will reduce incidences of divorce.

Redemptive Purpose: Today, marriage divorce among teenagers is rampant. This can be associated with the lack of knowledge of what real love is. Additionally, this is a clear indication weak intimate relationship with God who is the provider of everything. God requires that people live together as one after marriage and keep their differences aside. In a situation where churches and counselors work as a team to offer advice about what true love, marriage divorce will be a buried epidemic in our society.

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