Types of Love

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The YouTube video “6 types of Love” discusses the six types of love that one can experience. The first type of love is Eros love which is the romantic, passionate, intense love that makes you feel alive. Examples of this type of love can be seen in the movies as well as in older teenagers and those in their early twenties. This is often people’s favorite type of love to experience.

The second type of love is Ludas love which is the type of love that involves conquests (See Pacana, 2012). This type of love isn’t that deep.

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The third type of love is Storge love; this is a type of love that takes time to develop and normally results in longer term relationships. With this type of love people enjoy doing things together. Many marriages are based on this type of love.

The fourth type of love is Pragma love; with this type of love people tend meet each other at a place where they spend a great deal of time together. It is a practical love. This is not the love that most people dream of, but many people develop this type of love for those someone whom they spend a great deal of time around.

The fifth type of love is Mania which is a very intense love that includes a lot of jealous and can lead to stalking (See Harrison).

The sixth and last type of love is Agape love, a type of love that is selfless. Mother Teresa is an example of a person who engaged in thus type of love. Another type of love that is not mentioned in the video is Philautia love which is love for self (See Krznaric, 2013).

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