Violence Against Women In Canada

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Canada’s laws to protect women from violence are most certainly unacceptable. If the laws were adequate, the level of violence against women would not be so severe. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a serious problem in Canada. Furthermore, many women are actually victims of murder. This level of domestic violence against women is unacceptable. However, the question remains with how it must be handled. One of the ways to prevent violence is the use of a strong legal system that discourages the violence from occurring. If an individual understands that there will be serious legal repercussions if he or she strikes his or her domestic partner or wife, the person may be less likely to engage in this heinous behavior. While random violence against strangers remains a serious threat to the safety and well-being of a community, domestic violence may be considered worse in many ways. The victim knows and trusts her abuser. They share an intimate relationship that implies a deep level of trust. However, the abuser neglects this relationship and abuses the woman. As such, the level of violation is significant.

If the laws were adequate, the rates would not be high. Individuals would be severely punished. Then, this punishment would act as a deterrent for those who might consider engaging in this crime. As such, the levels of punishment must be increased. Furthermore, the victim must never be blamed for her crime. Unfortunately, in all legal fields, it appears too easy to blame the victim for the crime. This must not occur.

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Domestic violence should be a specific crime. While assault against all individuals should be treated with harsh punishment, domestic violence must be considered separate from other levels of crime. In this way, the law will acknowledge the specific and important relationship between the abuser and the victim. This would result in a higher level of punishment administered to the abuser upon his or her conviction. Furthermore, while this paper has focused only on women as the victims, it remains important to acknowledge that men may also be victims of abuse. The changes in the law would also acknowledge this and treat anyone convicted of domestic abuse against men in a similar way.

The changes to the law should focus on the various types of domestic violence against women. Furthermore, there should be strict federal laws that allow for the protection of women. Unfortunately, not all of the provinces in Canada have laws that protect women as the victims of domestic violence. In this manner, a victim of domestic violence may have protection in one province, but will not receive the same level of protection in the next province. This is unacceptable. While the provinces should have the ability to determine how and when to prosecute crimes within their jurisdiction, they should not have the ability to negate the rights of one half of the human race. If a province chooses not to engage in strict prosecution of the crime of domestic violence, the province has essentially chose to negate the rights of women within this jurisdiction. They will not lead to justice for the woman. Canada should not, and must not, offer a woman one level of justice in one province, but a different level of justice in the next. This unequal level of justice helps to create concern with regards to the value of a woman in Canada. The value of a woman must be equal to that of all humans throughout all provinces in Canada.

Canada has a significant level of domestic violence against women. While this must be addressed on a holistic level throughout all realms of society, it must also be addressed by the legal system. The most important way to address this is for a woman to receive an equal level of justice regardless of what province she is in at the time of the attack.

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