Weinstein Effect

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“Weinstein Effect’ goes global as powerful men confronted” exposed reactions from different countries. In this article, Aron explains that the same effect swept Israel where a Journalist revealed that a media tycoon had sexually assaulted her after a job interview 25 years earlier. The mogul tried to deny, but three other women came forward, so he had to resign. Israel takes these accusations seriously, and years before this incident their former president was jailed because of sexual misconduct.

Italy does not support their female who came out to accuse Weinstein. The actress named Asia reported Weinstein and exposed him at the New Yorker. Italians were extremely annoyed about her claims, and they thought that she is causing trouble. According to the article “Italy, where sex assault victims are shamed.” This scandal opened doors for other women in Italy. Siri claims, approximately ten ladies came forward to accuse Fausto Brizzi of rape. He denied the allegation. He is a film director working hand in hand with Warner Bros who have since suspended him from all his current and future contracts. The company claims that it focuses on creating a peaceful and safe environment for employees. These actions indicate that Italy has both positive and negative ideas about the Weinstein Effect.

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In my opinion, Weinstein’s case has opened so many women’s wounds and talking about the event shows a step towards healing. I am glad he was caught because he has been doing this for over a decade. They exposed him and the case is under investigation. I hope this goes well in the sense that he gets punished for all the assaults he has committed. The final judgment to his case will bring change to Americans. In case he gets a fair judgment the culture will continue, and women will come out to save other women from going through the same situation. The companies are also struggling to maintain a safe workplace an indication that when this blows over things will never go back the way they were.

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