Western Civilization Essay

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Western civilization refers to the civilization that came into the western countries after spreading from Middle East. Its history runs back to the ages when the hunting and gathering societies underwent transformation and started practicing agriculture. From Middle East, this spread to Europe and enhanced great growth in its cities. However, most historians relate Western civilization as the modern culture that is prevalent in North America and Western Europe (Palmer, 1998).

Western civilization is often associated with classical antiquity in the European sphere in the ancient times. This made the West produce the first empires, states and cities in the world. Western civilization spread from its Mediterranean origins to produce cultures that dominated much of Europe, South and North America. In the recent centuries, this civilization has been seen to have great influence in many countries across the globe (Palmer, 1998).

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The western civilization also describes the rich heritage of ethical and social values and norms. Specific cultural technologies and artifacts are also major attributes of the western culture together with the religious believes, traditional customs and political systems. This development of civilization into human civilization makes the difference with the civilization that exists in the Middle East usually referred to as the Eastern civilization (Palmer, 1998).

Western civilization has had a significant dramatic influence in the human life. This is because of the intense evolution it has brought in the world at the expense of nature. The cultural evolution that has been experienced across the world as a result of western culture has changed the natural setup of human beings into the psychological condition that is controlled from the west (Palmer, 1998).

The dynamics of the movements that occurred during the ancient time brought very gradual changes to very general aspects of human life. Some of the areas that have undergone big changes include education, religion, philosophy and Politics. Western civilization has also led to great industrial revolution across the world which has brought major changes in people’s culture and eating habits (Palmer, 1998).

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