What is a Real Man?

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People always seem to have their own idea as to what the definition of a real man is. Some feel it is someone who belongs to a specific race, religion, or other type of group that considers themselves cool or tough. Others feel that a man’s character and how he handles certain situations such as caring for his family and spending time with his children. After careful consideration of all of these definitions, it is apparent that the actual definition of a real man is one who will do whatever it takes to keep the people he loves most out of harm’s way. This can be done in a variety of ways.

There are strong men in my family, all the way from my grandfather to my brothers. My grandfather worked hard to provide for his family and taught his children the value of a hard day’s work. He also taught my father and uncles how to work hard, be respectful to women and their elders and always have a tolerant attitude toward others. These values have been passed to my father and uncles, who also have made sacrifices to make sure their loved ones, are happy and comfortable. I see how hard my father and uncle work and look after all of us and I have nothing but respect for them. No matter how hard they worked, my father and uncles made it a point to be available for their families.

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One man I admire a great deal is my older brother. Not only does he work hard to protect his own family at home, but he also joined the Army to protect the country he loves. My brother said he joined the military because he knew it was the right thing to do so his loved ones would be kept safe. He is working to keep not only his loved ones, but the loved ones of others safe with this sacrifice. This to me is what a real man does; he does whatever is necessary to keep loved ones safe.

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